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Highest Quality Products – At The Best Prices – When You Need It

How do you create the highest quality product using the best possible processes? By controlling every step in the supply chain. 

We take our clients from seed to the finished product – ensuring that every stage in the process is optimized. That’s why we focus on the fundamentals: growing our hemp with reputable farmers using the best agricultural practices, manufacturing from state-of-the-art facilities that are GMP certified, and testing our products for quality assurance and transparency.

Thanks to our processes, we’ve saved brands hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you work with us you can expect:

• The Highest Quality CBD Products
• Seamless, Streamlined Processes
• Top Quality Control Practices
• Guaranteed Delivery Times
• Expert-Level Consulting
• Custom Formulations
• Peace of Mind
and MORE!

What is Value Chain Management?

Value chain management is the process of qualifying and managing every step of the supply chain and delivering the product on time to the brand at generally lower prices than they are paying today. Our goal is to optimize each stage to ensure the product is placed in the customers’ hands as seamlessly as possible. In the CBD/Hemp industry, that value chain from seed to consumer good can be broken down into 4 parts:



This is the “seed” stage, where different strains are born depending on a brand’s product formulation.

VCM ensures that our greenhouses maintain strict quality control.


In this stage, hemp is grown and carefully cultivated by experienced farmers and harvested for processing.

VCM ensures that our farmers use the best agricultural practices for quality.


Processors use the hemp that’s harvested by farmers to extract, process, and refine the material.

VCM ensures that only the best methods are used.


Manufacturers create the CBD products that you see on the market today: oils, edibles, topicals, smokeables, etc.

VCM ensures that all manufacturers follow GMP certified guidelines.

“Thanks to VCM, I went from being “just another CBD brand” to one of the most popular choices.”

– Clare A.

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