Join VCM at the Alternative Products Expo This November

alternative products expo

Join us this November 10 – 12 at the Alternative Products Expo in Tampa, Florida. The expo is open to anyone interested in alternative wellness products. Examples of alternative products include herbal products, cannabis derivatives, and alt cannabinoid products like Delta 8 gummies and HHC oral strips.

Common participants include alt product providers, retailers, brand representatives, journalists, and consumers. Notably, those interested in innovative wellness products and consumer market trends are highly encouraged to attend.

About the Alternative Products Expo

The Alternative Products Expo is a massively popular networking event where vendors, sellers, marketers, and consumers gather to discuss innovative new products in the wellness space. Notably, the Alt Pro Expo evolved from the USA CBD Expo to include any innovative product that can either replace existing wellness products or carve a new niche in the wellness space.

Attendees can sample exciting new products, learn about new innovative technologies, and discuss alternative market trajectories with industry experts. Those with a buyer’s pass can also enjoy games and special activities, get massages, and participate in a venue-wide scavenger hunt.

Why Attend the Event

Each year, thousands flock to the Alternative Products Expo to discover new and innovative products before anyone else. Importantly, experts project that the alternative wellness market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.03% by 2028. As such, it’s no wonder this event has become so popular among consumers, retailers, and industry professionals alike.

Notably, the Alt Pro Expo is an excellent opportunity for brands and retailers to connect with industry professionals, sample alternative wellness products, and order unique white- and private-label items for their stores or distribution centers.

Attendees also gain a better understanding of the alternative product industry trajectory to help them better align with the upcoming alt wellness landscape. The opportunity helps brands differentiate themselves from competitors by giving them first access to alt wellness products at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Additionally, those in attendance can interview numerous vendors to quickly find the best alternative product supplier for their business goals. Interested participants can discuss product details (including manufacturing processes, custom options, and order limitations) directly with potential suppliers, thus improving procurement efficiency and retail potential. 

Come Say “Hi” to the VCM Team

VCM is honored to participate in this year’s Alternative Product Expo in Tampa, FL. Come visit us at booth number 2005 to discover some of our best new products (and try some yourself), including cannabinoid-infused candies, topicals, and soft gels.

Notably, we can infuse most of our products with your choice of cannabinoids, including CBD, select minor cannabinoids, and alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8, hemp D9, and HHC. We also offer low MOQs and fast lead times on our white- and private-label hemp products, as well as a 10% discount on first orders for all event attendees.

Come say “hi” when you get here and place your first order in time for the holidays. Contact us to learn more or view our catalog in advance for product details.

We look forward to seeing you!

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