The Best Private-Label HHC Products for Your Store

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Choosing the best private-label HHC products for your store shouldn’t be difficult. Today, we’ll outline a few things you should know when choosing which HHC products to sell under your retail brand name. But first, let’s discuss what’s up with HHC in the first place.

What is HHC?

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is nothing more than a hydrogenated form of THC. Essentially, processors use high pressure and a chemical catalyst like nickle to break THC’s double bonds and replace them with hydrogen atoms. This process improves the substance’s affinity to cannabinoid receptors and significantly extends its shelf life by reducing its susceptibility to oxidation.  

To illustrate, note that standard Delta 9 THC degrades over time, which turns it into CBN (a less potent cannabinoid) through the oxidation process.  However, HHC is not nearly as susceptible to oxidation, so it will maintain its potency and integrity much longer. This makes HHC an ideal product for retailers and casual consumers alike.

In fact, this process is similar to the one used to hydrogenate vegetable oil or margarine and significantly extends the product’s shelf life without altering its effects.

HHC Effects

The Cannabinoid HHC produces noticeable effects if consumed in high enough amounts. Though chemically different than THC, its effects are very similar albeit a bit less pronounced. Though no scientific research outlines the exact effects of HHC, anecdotal reports suggest that it could make people feel more relaxed and elated, similar to what one might call an “indica”-like experience.

The effects of HHC can last anywhere from a few minutes to about four hours or more, depending on the consumption method. For example, inhaled HHC may take effect quickly (usually within two to five minutes) and wear off in an hour or so. Sublingual HHC products take a bit longer to take effect and generally last longer, as well. Finally, metabolized HHC products may take up an hour before consumers feel their effects and can last four hours or more, depending on body type.

Is the Cannabinoid HHC Legal?

HHC, like most alt cannabinoids, exists in a legal grey area. Importantly, the substance is federally legal if derived from hemp, which usually follows a CBD > Delta 8 > HHC conversion process. When finished, HHC contains virtually no THC whatsoever, meaning that it is ultra-compliant with FDA hemp standards. That’s because HHC:

  • Develops naturally in hemp (albeit in very low amounts)
  • Can be created from compliant hemp extracts
  • Contains less than 0.3 percent D9 THC

Importantly, some jurisdictions restrict certain intoxicating cannabinoids or are voting to do so in the future. Be that as it may, as a relatively new cannabinoid on the market, HHC is not a primary target for restriction. We encourage retailers to monitor local hemp cannabinoid laws in each distribution area; please reference this page for basic alt cannabinoid laws in the USA.

The Best Private-Label HHC Products for Your Store

Adding HHC products to your retail store can help keep up with market trends, especially if those products appeal to your existing target audience. As such, it’s wise to research the best HHC products for your store before jumping all-in. To help, we’ve compiled a quick list of our best private-label HHC products from VCM CBD.

HHC Hemp Gummies

Hemp gummies are the most popular cannabinoid product on the market today. According to Grand View Research, hemp gummies were worth $1.6B in 2020 with a projected CAGR of 30.7 percent through 2028. High-potency gummies are especially attractive to consumers, as are alternative cannabinoid products. It’s no wonder VCM’s HHC hemp gummies are some of our best-selling alt cannabinoid products and certainly some of the best HHC products for your store. Contact us to discuss custom options or to buy HHC hemp gummies today!

HHC Candy

Hemp gummies are incredibly popular – and a lot of retailers sell them. If you want to offer a unique but similar product, consider adding HHC hemp candy to your product line and watch your customer base grow. Notably, HHC candy offers a convenient (and delicious) way to consume HHC sublingually, which helps the substance absorb faster and more thoroughly into the bloodstream. For example, our customizable HHC lollipops and hard candies encourage consumers to suck on the product instead of chewing it, which allows HHC to absorb through the mouth for better bioavailability than metabolized products.

Hemp HHC Capsules

HHC hemp capsules are another popular alt cannabinoid product thanks to their precise dose, easy consumption method, and easy portability. Consumers swallow hemp capsules just as they would any other pill or capsule, which allows the product to absorb through the gut for longer-lasting effects. Notably, VCM can customize your private-label HHC hemp capsule order with your choice of potency and packaging and can generally deliver the product in as little as four weeks.

HHC Oral Strips

HHC oral strips are dissolvable mouth strips infused with the slightly intoxicating cannabinoid. Hemp oral strips easily absorb through the mouth for fast — flavorful — effects. Moreover, these strips transport easily in the pocket or purse, making it easy to consume HHC on the go. Indeed, these novel hemp HHC products are a huge hit and an easy way to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Buy Private-Label HHC from VCM CBD

VCM proudly offers more than 50 popular and trending hemp cannabinoid products sourced from our very own Kentucky and Tennessee farmland. All of our products undergo careful manufacturing and testing processes to ensure that our customers receive the very best hemp cannabinoid products and services with each order.

Contact us to place your HHC hemp product order or view our latest product catalog here. You can also join our community for hemp news, product updates, and occasional promotional offers courtesy of VCM CBD.

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