Why Buyers Love Calming CBD Products

Buyers Love Calming CBD Products

Buyers love calming CBD products, and retail sales prove it! In fact, the number one reason people used CBD in 2022 was to relax and destress, according to Statista.com. Given a growing preference for targeted hemp products coupled and an increased demand for natural wellness options, it’s no surprise that calming CBD products are top […]

How to Choose the Best CBD Sleep Products for Your Store

CBD Sleep Products

CBD products are increasingly popular, particularly those that target specific health goals like improved sleep. In fact, roughly 58 percent of consumers reported using CBD for sleep in 2022, according to this latest Statista report. In other words, there is massive potential for retailers to sell the best CBD sleep products in their stores, especially […]

Hemp Market Trends to Watch For in 2023

Hemp Market Trends

Hemp Market Trends – Those in the hemp space must remain abreast of the rapidly changing market. As regulations change, new products come to market, and consumer trends adjust, brands and retailers must evolve alongside them to stay ahead of the competition. Today, we’ll discuss everything you should know about the evolving hemp landscape and […]

Top Shelf Delta 8 Gummies Supplier; Things to Consider

Top Shelf Delta 8 Gummies Supplier blog image

Consumers everywhere are buying up top shelf delta 8 gummies thanks to their legally intoxicating nature. Notably, high-quality D8 gummies give consumers a safe alternative to marijuana-infused edibles, while others use it to replace social alcohol consumption, relax after a long day, or enjoy a better night’s sleep. Indeed, there are many reasons consumers love […]

The Best Private-Label HHC Products for Your Store

best private-label hemp products blog image

Choosing the best private-label HHC products for your store shouldn’t be difficult. Today, we’ll outline a few things you should know when choosing which HHC products to sell under your retail brand name. But first, let’s discuss what’s up with HHC in the first place. What is HHC? HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is nothing more than […]

5 Reasons Your Consumers Will Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies blog image of woman enjoying hemp gummies

5 Reasons Consumers Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies – Even with an extensive hemp product selection, cannabinoid-infused gummies are continually our top-selling hemp product. Importantly, consumers continually display a growing interest in gummy hemp products, making them an easy choice for branded retail sales. Moreover, with numerous cannabinoid options available, consumers now have more options […]

How to Make Money as a CBD Brand

how to make money as a cbd brand

How to Make Money as a CBD Brand – The 2018 Farm Bill opened the floodgates of a now-thriving CBD industry. Notably, this new commercial legislation had many eager entrepreneurs seeing green. Unfortunately, over these last few years, we’ve witnessed many business owners struggle to make money as a CBD brand. But that doesn’t mean […]

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities in 2023

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities – We often express the benefit of selling innovative cannabinoid products as a means of brand differentiation. However, you can’t sell a unique product to a demographic that isn’t interested in it. For example, before selling CBD oral strips online, you must understand your top CBD oral strips sales […]

3 Ways Hemp Innovation Continues to Push the Envelope

hemp innovation image girl thinking in front of a cloud

Hemp Innovations Continue to Push the Envelope The 2018 Farm Bill created the hemp industry as we know it today. Though the 2014 bill allowed select farmers to cultivate hemp for research, it wasn’t until 2018 that they could sell it commercially. Since then, Americans have witnessed tremendous hemp industry growth, including better consumer access, […]

Buy CBD Products Wholesale: What You Should Know

Buy CBD Products Wholesale

Buy CBD Products Wholesale – Hemp product buyers should always choose the best CBD wholesaler to support their retail brand. A reliable hemp wholesaler should have the proper connections, qualifications, and reputation to back their services and never leave a client questioning the quality of their products. However, those who wish to buy CBD products […]