Buy CBD Products Wholesale: What You Should Know

Buy CBD Products Wholesale

Buy CBD Products Wholesale – Hemp product buyers should always choose the best CBD wholesaler to support their retail brand. A reliable hemp wholesaler should have the proper connections, qualifications, and reputation to back their services and never leave a client questioning the quality of their products.

However, those who wish to buy CBD products wholesale must consider more than the reputation of the distributor; the wholesale CBD products they choose matter a whole lot, too. Here are seven things to consider if you want to buy CBD products wholesale for your retail brand.

Buy CBD Products Wholesale: What You Should Know

If you’re in the market for wholesale hemp products, then consider the following points when choosing the best products for your brand.

Hemp Source and Extraction Types Matter

Hemp extraction and manufacturing have significantly evolved over the years, leaving us with countless extraction types and potencies. Determining each of these is crucial when outsourcing hemp products to ensure you dazzle your customers — and encourage their continued patronage.

For example, traditional hemp extracts come in either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated CBD types, each of which may deliver slightly different results. However, other hemp extract types are also available, including nano CBD, minor-cannabinoid-focused extracts, and alternative hemp cannabinoids.

Novelty Items are Massively Popular

The ever-expanding hemp market is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, interest in hemp-based cannabinoid products is steadily climbing, leaving plenty of room for industry players to advance. On the other hand, small hemp brands could have difficulty standing out, especially if their product offerings closely match their competition.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to differentiate your brand and attract a growing audience – novelty hemp products. Essentially, novelty hemp products refer to items that are new or unique to the market. In other words, products that buyers can’t buy from just anyone (except you).

Considering that edibles are the fastest-growing hemp industry segment, we believe that cannabinoid-infused candies and other confections will be of particular appeal in the coming years. Other novelty items to consider include hemp patches and sublingual oral strips.

Alternative Cannabinoids Require Extra Precautions

Alternative hemp cannabinoids, or semi-synthetic, slightly intoxicating hemp-based cannabinoids, are growing in popularity nationwide. Consequently, hemp brands might want to add alt cannabinoid products to their existing brand offering. Though there is massive potential in the alt cannabinoid space, brands should conduct due diligence to ensure they follow proper protocol within their distribution areas. Notably, alternative cannabinoid laws vary throughout the nation, so it’s wise to consult area-specific hemp laws.

View our summary of alternative hemp cannabinoid laws in America here.

You Get What You Pay For

It should come as no surprise that the price of a product directly correlates to its quality. Though it can be tempting to buy CBD products wholesale at the lowest rate possible, your customers will surely notice the difference. Moreover, selling sub-par products can have a long-standing impact on your brand’s reputation. Given stiff industry competition, it’s best to avoid the risk of buying cheap wholesale hemp products and opt instead for quality over quantity.

Higher Order Quantities = Lower Price Per Product

VCM proudly offers some of the lowest MOQs on the market. However, low MOQs also translate into a higher cost per item, which may require a retail price offset. This is not to encourage you to avoid low-quantity purchases, which can help you test market interest before going all-in. However, once you determine a product’s sales potential, consider upping your order quantity to increase your profit margin, as well.

Look for Customization Opportunities

Finally, look for opportunities to customize your wholesale CBD product order. This can include adding or omitting flavors and other ingredients, substituting different extract types, or using your brand’s own unique packages and labels. These easy tweaks to your wholesale hemp purchase can help your brand reach a larger audience and establish itself as an industry leader.

Buy CBD Products Wholesale; Final Thoughts

Help your hemp brand grow by outsourcing your hemp product development to a reputable CBD wholesaler like VCM. Notably, VCM offers some of the best wholesale hemp products in America, which we source from our very own Kentucky- and Tennessee-Owned farms. We also extract and manufacture hemp cannabinoid products according to your unique standards and product goals. What’s more, we can often deliver products in as little as four to six weeks (though custom formulas may take longer).

Contact us to learn more about the VCM process or view our product offerings now. We have more than 50 popular and unique cannabinoid products in our directory plus countless customizable private-label hemp product options.

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