Want to Buy Wholesale Hemp Patches? Here’s What You Should Know

Buy Wholesale Hemp Patches

If you want to buy wholesale hemp patches, then there are a few things you should know first. To begin, hemp patches are very new to the market, making them both appealing and hard to come by. As such, hemp patches tend to sell easier than traditional CBD products in a saturated market like this one.

But what exactly are hemp patches and why are they becoming so popular among consumers? Today, we’ll discuss everything you should know about CBD hemp patches and then outline why you should use them to can reach a largely untapped consumer audience.

What Are Hemp Patches?

Hemp patches are unique cannabinoid products designed to slowly release therapeutic substances through the skin and into the bloodstream. Hemp patches are often infused with CBD, or cannabidiol, which is a phytocannabinoid that seems to mimic endocannabinoid activity. To clarify, endocannabinoids are cannabinoids that the body produces naturally in response to stress, and CBD may help support that process.

Why Sell CBD Hemp Patches

CBD patches are increasingly popular, accounting for an expected $288,522.75 thousand USD by 2028. Experts believe this growing appeal is largely due to an increased awareness of patches as a solution for pain, coupled with their low abrasion and highly controllable nature.

Brands that adopt white-label hemp patches stand to benefit in many ways. First, quality hemp patches are highly effective, which will appeal to those suffering from otherwise untamable discomforts. Additionally, quality CBD patches can last for days, making them an exceptionally affordable way to Feel better longer. For example, if one menstrual patch lasts for 48 hours, then a 10-pack can last for months!

Notably, VCM offers many different wholesale CBD patches, including Immune-Support Hemp Extract Patches, CBD Sleep Patches, Hemp Patches for Athletes, CBD-Infused Menstrual Patches, and customizable Kinesiology Tape.

Lastly, you should sell branded hemp patches because they are wonderfully unique. To be clear, shoppers love to try new things, and cannabinoid patches are some of the best new hemp products on the market. As such, selling hemp cannabinoid patches can help differentiate your brand from your competitors in a new and unique way. Marketing opportunities abound when you sell hemp CBD patches under your brand’s name.

What To Ask Your Hemp Patch Supplier

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, then selling our white-label hemp patches with your branding is an excellent decision! However, before you buy wholesale hemp patches online, you must choose the best CBD product supplier for your needs. As such, always ask your hemp patch supplier the following questions to determine their fit.

What are your hemp product testing and COA policies?

A great CBD supplier should confidently provide all compliant hemp product testing documents and corresponding COAs. Importantly, all hemp cannabinoid products should include third-party testing documents that prove their potency and purity. Outdated reports from three batches ago will not suffice.

What are your MOQs and average lead times?

A great hemp product supplier will work with you to help you reach your product goals. As such, you should always ask potential suppliers about minimum order quantities (MOQs) for hemp patches and confirm expected turn-around times in advance. However, note that low MOQs may require a higher cost per product compared to larger bulk hemp CBD patch orders.

Do you offer custom branding?

Custom branding helps ensure your customers recognize your brand as the hemp product authority in your area. When sourcing a hemp patch supplier, make sure they can add your brand label to their product packaging, complete with your brand’s identity, contact information, website, and more.   

Buy Wholesale Hemp Patches from VCM

VCM CBD is a fully integrated turnkey solution to your branded hemp product needs. We offer an extensive line of hemp products made from carefully extracted cannabinoids sourced from our own hemp farms. All of our products include traceable documentation confirming product compliance throughout the entire development process. We also offer low MOQs and short lead times to help get your branded products on the market fast.

Contact us to learn how to buy wholesale hemp patches from VCM or view our complete product catalog now. Not seeing what you’re after? Give us a call to more about our custom products and formulas. Together, we’ll find the best CBD products for your unique hemp brand.

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