Why Buyers Love Calming CBD Products

Buyers Love Calming CBD Products

Buyers love calming CBD products, and retail sales prove it! In fact, the number one reason people used CBD in 2022 was to relax and destress, according to Statista.com. Given a growing preference for targeted hemp products coupled and an increased demand for natural wellness options, it’s no surprise that calming CBD products are top sellers, either.

Today, we’ll discuss why buyers love calming CBD products (and who those buyers are), then outline a few of our best calming CBD products for retailers. But first, let’s explain how calming CBD products work.

How Calming CBD Products Work

CBD tends to be the primary ingredient of focus in most calming hemp products. Though research regarding CBD’s ability to calm a stressful mind is minimal, early studies and anecdotal reports suggest that CBD may help reduce stress, as well as many stress-related symptoms like headaches, sleep loss, nervousness, and more.

Moreover, many calming CBD products include additional ingredients like select terpenes or passionflower extract, which is well-known to induce calm and promote sleep. Alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8 and HHC also produce calming, slightly intoxicating sensations.

Why Buyers Love Calming CBD Products

VCM’s calming CBD products are highly effective and incredibly popular. In fact, many of our partners claim that calming hemp lines are some of the best sellers in their stores! So why do buyers love calming CBD products so much? Let’s take a look.

Americans Are Stressed

To understand why buyers love calming CBD products as much as they do, we must address the scope of stress in America. Notably, the American Psychological Association reports that almost three-quarters of Americans experienced stress-related health problems within the last month. Common stress symptoms include headaches, fatigue, nervousness, and sadness.

Unfortunately, chronic stress can lead to other problems, too, which can make everything more challenging. For example, stress can make it difficult to focus on work, engage in meaningful activities with loved ones, or make daily decisions. Chronic stress can also lead to unhealthy coping strategies like excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, or drug use in about 10 percent of people.

Natural Solutions are Increasingly Attractive

Consumers increasingly prefer natural wellness options, particularly those that benefit the community and the environment. Interestingly, earlier surveys (2020) suggested that “clean,” “natural” products were more important to consumers than efficacy. However, trends seem to be adjusting towards a preference for both clean and efficient natural wellness products. As such, the best calming hemp products for retailers should always be made with effective, high-quality ingredients.  

Who is Most Likely to Consume Calming CBD Products

A recent Gallup poll found that 14 percent of Americans use CBD, of which 40 percent use it to improve either pain, anxiety, or sleep. The poll noted that people between 18 and 29 are most likely to consume CBD products (20%), followed by people between 30 and 49 years old (11%). Interestingly, we also learned that women are more likely than men to consume CBD for stress-related discomforts (25% versus 14%), whereas men are more likely to consume CBD for sleep (15% versus 8%).

Best Calming CBD Products for Retailers

Now that we understand why buyers love calming CBD products, let’s highlight some of the best white- and private-label calming hemp products to sell in your retail or e-commerce store.  

CBD Tincture

Tinctures are a tried-and-true favorite amongst retailers and consumers alike. Notably, tinctures are fast, effective, and easy to consume, making them an ideal option for on-the-spot stress relief. Notably, VCM offers many CBD tincture types, including regular tinctures made with your choice of full- or broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil, CBD isolate, or nano hemp molecules for superior absorption.

Calming Gummies

Hemp gummies are massively popular, especially these specially formulated calm hemp gummies. Importantly, our delicious gummies include equal parts CBD and passionflower to calm the mind and relax the body. We can also produce these gummies with vegan-friendly ingredients upon request. Contact us to inquire about our low MOQs, fast lead times, and multiple production and packaging options.

Calm Hemp Oral Strips

Our calming CBD oral strips are an exciting new product that can help you provide massive value to your shoppers and differentiate your brand from competitors. Basically, calm oral strips are dissolvable mouth strips infused with CBD and B6 to help calm the mind and lift the spirits. Importantly, these minty oral strips improve CBD bioavailability via sublingual absorption, allowing them to take a noticeable effect very quickly.  

Alternative Cannabinoid Products

Last on the list of our best calming CBD products are any product we can infuse with alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8, D9, or HHC. Importantly, alternative hemp cannabinoids are semi-synthetic cannabinoids that develop naturally in very low levels but are produced in large quantities in a lab, usually from CBD as a base molecule. These cannabinoids look and behave like traditional marijuana-type THC but are federally legal when sourced from hemp. Each cannabinoid produces slightly different effects, with D8, D9, and HHC being the most calming.

Final Thoughts on Why Buyers Love Calming CBD Products

Americans love targeted hemp products, especially those that can help them destress quickly and effectively. If you’d like to sell calming CBD products under your brand name, then contact us to discuss our white-label and private-label options. You can also join our community for more hemp news, product updates, and occasional discount offers.

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