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Hemp Market Trends to Watch For in 2023

Hemp Market Trends

Hemp Market Trends – Those in the hemp space must remain abreast of the rapidly changing market. As regulations change, new products come to market, and consumer trends adjust, brands and retailers must evolve alongside them to stay ahead of the competition. Today, we’ll discuss everything you should know about the evolving hemp landscape and […]

How to Make Money as a CBD Brand

how to make money as a cbd brand

How to Make Money as a CBD Brand – The 2018 Farm Bill opened the floodgates of a now-thriving CBD industry. Notably, this new commercial legislation had many eager entrepreneurs seeing green. Unfortunately, over these last few years, we’ve witnessed many business owners struggle to make money as a CBD brand. But that doesn’t mean […]

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities in 2023

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities – We often express the benefit of selling innovative cannabinoid products as a means of brand differentiation. However, you can’t sell a unique product to a demographic that isn’t interested in it. For example, before selling CBD oral strips online, you must understand your top CBD oral strips sales […]

3 Ways Hemp Innovation Continues to Push the Envelope

hemp innovation image girl thinking in front of a cloud

Hemp Innovations Continue to Push the Envelope The 2018 Farm Bill created the hemp industry as we know it today. Though the 2014 bill allowed select farmers to cultivate hemp for research, it wasn’t until 2018 that they could sell it commercially. Since then, Americans have witnessed tremendous hemp industry growth, including better consumer access, […]

Buy CBD Products Wholesale: What You Should Know

Buy CBD Products Wholesale

Buy CBD Products Wholesale – Hemp product buyers should always choose the best CBD wholesaler to support their retail brand. A reliable hemp wholesaler should have the proper connections, qualifications, and reputation to back their services and never leave a client questioning the quality of their products. However, those who wish to buy CBD products […]

CBD Oral Strips Wholesale; What Retailers Should Know

hemp oral strips

CBD oral strips are an exciting new product on the wholesale hemp market. Notably, these oral strips are a deliciously convenient way to consume hemp-based cannabinoids anywhere. Now, brands can easily add precisely dosed dissolvable cannabinoid mouth strips to their product lines in a variety of flavors and cannabinoid profiles. What better way to pull […]

Best Hemp Gifts for the Holidays 2022

Best Hemp Gifts for the Holidays

Best Hemp Gifts for the Holidays 2022 – The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to stock your shelves with the best hemp gifts for the holidays! In this hemp holiday gift guide, we’ll highlight some of the best new and trending hemp products on the market then outline some things you can […]

Hemp Patches: What They Are and Why You Need Some

hemp patches

Hemp Patches are a wildly popular hemp cannabinoid product that allows consumers to reap the benefits of cannabinoids and other beneficial elements for long periods without smoking or eating the product. They are basically band-aid-like products infused with a special combination of ingredients designed to deeply penetrate the skin and bloodstream for many hours. What’s […]

CBD for Weight loss; How to Make it Work For You

cbd for weight loss graphic

Thousands of Americans are turning to CBD for weight loss thanks to its many proposed health benefits. But can CBD really help you lose weight? And if so, how? In today’s blog, we’ll tackle these questions in detail and then outline some easy ways you can sell CBD for weight loss in your retail store. […]

Complete Guide to Hemp Manufacturing in the USA

hemp manufacturing

Hemp manufacturing is a massive industry with a ton of hurdles. From securing the first seed to selling the final product, hemp manufacturing requires diligent attention to detail every step of the way. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines, product confiscation, financial freezes, asset seizures, and more. Fortunately, there are many ways […]