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Hemp Market Trends to Watch For in 2023

Hemp Market Trends

Hemp Market Trends – Those in the hemp space must remain abreast of the rapidly changing market. As regulations change, new products come to market, and consumer trends adjust, brands and retailers must evolve alongside them to stay ahead of the competition. Today, we’ll discuss everything you should know about the evolving hemp landscape and […]

How to Make Money as a CBD Brand

how to make money as a cbd brand

How to Make Money as a CBD Brand – The 2018 Farm Bill opened the floodgates of a now-thriving CBD industry. Notably, this new commercial legislation had many eager entrepreneurs seeing green. Unfortunately, over these last few years, we’ve witnessed many business owners struggle to make money as a CBD brand. But that doesn’t mean […]

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities in 2023

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities – We often express the benefit of selling innovative cannabinoid products as a means of brand differentiation. However, you can’t sell a unique product to a demographic that isn’t interested in it. For example, before selling CBD oral strips online, you must understand your top CBD oral strips sales […]

Buy CBD Products Wholesale: What You Should Know

Buy CBD Products Wholesale

Buy CBD Products Wholesale – Hemp product buyers should always choose the best CBD wholesaler to support their retail brand. A reliable hemp wholesaler should have the proper connections, qualifications, and reputation to back their services and never leave a client questioning the quality of their products. However, those who wish to buy CBD products […]

5 Ways Outsourcing CBD Product Supply Helps Brands Scale

Outsourcing CBD Supply

Outsourcing CBD supply is a fast and easy way to scale any hemp business. Importantly, brands that outsource their CBD product supply will save time and money while also ensuring consistently high quality and predictable product delivery. What’s more, a great hemp supplier can help hemp brands bring new products to market quicker than in-house […]

Want to Buy Wholesale Hemp Patches? Here’s What You Should Know

Buy Wholesale Hemp Patches

If you want to buy wholesale hemp patches, then there are a few things you should know first. To begin, hemp patches are very new to the market, making them both appealing and hard to come by. As such, hemp patches tend to sell easier than traditional CBD products in a saturated market like this […]

6 Reasons to Sell CBD Bath Bombs in Your Store

sell cbd bath bombs

Sell CBD Bath Bombs – Bath bombs are some of our best-selling CBD products. Sellers regularly contact us regarding our white-label and private-label CBD bath bombs and we’re proud to deliver within only a few short weeks. But why are bath bombs so popular and why should you sell CBD bath bombs in your store? […]

Target Marketing for CBD Brands: How to Nail This Stellar Strategy

Target Marketing for CBD Brands image

Target Marketing is crucial for CBD brands, especially in an industry so laden with competition. To be clear, target marketing acknowledges the demographic differences between consumers to employ various marketing strategies more effectively. Today, we’ll discuss Target Marketing for CBD Brands, outline the steps you can take to define your target market, and discuss how […]

How to Become a Top CBD Brand

Become a Top CBD Brand

How to Become a Top CBD Brand – With thousands of different CBD brands on the market, many find it hard to stand out. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to establish your company as a top CBD brand. Today, we’ll outline eight tips you can use to build your CBD brand. […]

Private Label CBD Product Provider: Do You Need One?

private label cbd provider

A Private Label CBD Provider makes it easy for almost anyone to own and operate a CBD retail store. By outsourcing private label products, shop owners can reliably stock their shelves with new and unique items without having to reinvent the wheel to produce them. What’s more, a great private label CBD provider will help […]