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CBD Retail: Choosing the Best CBD Products for Your Store

cbd retail

CBD Retail: How to Choose the Best CBD Products for Your Store — CBD retail is an ever-expanding business opportunity that comes with numerous considerations. Notably, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD for commercial sale, which opened the floodgates for millions of people looking to break into the budding hemp space. Now, almost four years […]

Custom CBD Formulas from Expert, Matt Hatcher

custom CBD formulas

Custom CBD Formulas – VCM proudly supports all areas of the supply chain, from farm to store and everything in between. Importantly, this includes developing custom CBD formulas that cater to all CBD consumer demographics. Whether a brand’s target market is athletes, seniors, soccer moms, or anyone else, we can formulate products to meet their […]

Everything You Should Know About CBD Product Labels

cbd product label

CBD Product Labels – Anyone selling CBD products must include proper labeling on all items. CBD product labels must contain a breadth of information like the product’s origin, ingredients, application, and so on. Failure to do so could result in product seizure, injunctions, and hefty fines. Notably, CBD product labeling requirements differ by state, as […]

Introducing PGF CBD Powder

PGF CBD Powder

PGF CBD powder represents the latest in CBD processing technology. Essentially, scientists process hemp (or any other botanical) concentrates into precise, measurable powders. They then test the powder to determine exactly which elements are in it and at what concentrations. Next, processors use simple math to mix and match different powders to develop highly targeted […]

Types of CBD Extract

types of CBD extract

Types of CBD Extract – Many of our customizable CBD products include your choice of CBD extract. For example, you might infuse some of your products with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, others with CBD isolate, and the rest with premium emulsified nano CBD. The types of CBD extract infused into your products are your choice, […]

How to Write a CBD Business Plan

how to write a CBD business plan

How to Write a CBD Business Plan – Your CBD business needs a CBD business plan. A solid business plan will help you maintain a forward trajectory regardless of complications, and may help you acquire funding, as well. Fortunately, business plans are relatively easy to produce and need not follow specific business plan guidelines. Just […]

CBD Business Types: Wholesaler Vs. Retailer

cbd business types

CBD Business Types: Wholesaler Vs. Retailer CBD business types – There are many ways one might enter the cannabis space, the most common of which are CBD wholesalers and CBD retailers. But what is a CBD wholesaler? And what is a CBD retailer? Finally, which is the best option between wholesaler vs. retailer when starting […]

Online CBD Store: How to Start a CBD Store Online

online cbd store

Online CBD store – The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the commercial sale of hemp and its derivatives. In doing, it also legalized cannabidiol or CBD, which is a non-intoxicating chemical that develops in mature hemp flowers. Though CBD research is young, preliminary studies are promising, suggesting that CBD might help reduce the severity of discomforts […]

How to Find the Best CBD Product Supplier for Your Store

the best cbd product supplier

The best CBD product supplier must have some very specific qualities, including a dedication to compliance and a well-connected network of peers. Moreover, the best CBD supplier for your store should be able to cater to your business’s unique goals and branding. Whether looking for a white label CBD supplier or one that offers more […]

CBD Business Basics: Launching and Marketing Your CBD Business

CBD business basics

CBD Business Basics – CBD has swept the marketplace, finding itself infused into countless food and beauty products, pet products, personal care products, and more. And while the number of CBD consumers continues to rise, so does the potential for small business owners to get into the CBD space. Whether just starting a hemp business […]