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Is Hemp Candy the Next Big Thing?

Hemp Candy

Hemp candy is an increasingly popular CBD product type that spans well beyond the classic CBD hemp gummy. In fact, brands can now outsource countless hemp candy wholesale types, including various flavors, textures, and cannabinoid profiles. Today, we’ll outline some of our most exciting new wholesale hemp candies. We’ll also discuss some reasons we think […]

Wholesale CBD Oil for Pets; How to Source a Great Pet CBD Supplier

Wholesale CBD Oil for Pets

Finding wholesale CBD oil for pets takes careful consideration. As a pet-friendly brand, you must consider both the animals you help and the people who purchase their products. As such, your CBD pet tincture supplier should ensure that their products are high-quality and beneficial to everyone.  If you’re looking for the best white-label CBD oil […]

Best Hemp Gifts for the Holidays 2022

Best Hemp Gifts for the Holidays

Best Hemp Gifts for the Holidays 2022 – The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to stock your shelves with the best hemp gifts for the holidays! In this hemp holiday gift guide, we’ll highlight some of the best new and trending hemp products on the market then outline some things you can […]

Popular Hemp Topicals You Should Sell in Your Retail Store

Popular Hemp Topicals

Popular Hemp Topicals – Hemp topicals are incredibly popular, especially among those who seek targeted, location-specific relief. However, for a brand to choose the best hemp topicals to represent them, they must consider which popular hemp topicals will sell best amongst their target audience. Today, we’ll outline some popular hemp topicals to sell under your […]

Hemp Patches: What They Are and Why You Need Some

hemp patches

Hemp Patches are a wildly popular hemp cannabinoid product that allows consumers to reap the benefits of cannabinoids and other beneficial elements for long periods without smoking or eating the product. They are basically band-aid-like products infused with a special combination of ingredients designed to deeply penetrate the skin and bloodstream for many hours. What’s […]

Hemp Edibles are Increasingly Popular, and We’re Here for it!

hemp edibles

Hemp Edibles are an easy way to consume CBD for long-lasting effects. Edibles represent any CBD-infused ingestible product, such as gummies, dry capsules, tinctures, and more. Essentially, if it goes in the mouth, it is an edible CBD product. However, there is much more to edibles than whether or not consumers can eat them. In […]

CBD Dry Capsules: What to Know Before Buying in Bulk

cbd dry capsules

CBD dry capsules provide customers with an easy way to routinely consume CBD. Notably, dry caps come in many unique formulas, each designed to target specific problems and wellness opportunity areas. Why Customers Love CBD Dry Capsules The average CBD consumer is very busy. As such, they may not have time to measure tinctures or […]

CBD Soft Gels are a Consumer Favorite: Find Out Why

cbd soft gels

CBD soft gels make a wonderful addition to any CBD product line-up. Soft gels offer a precise, effortless way to consume CBD on the go for a wide range of potential benefits. Health-conscious consumers love the way these CBD soft gels hit, potentially improving things like pain, sleeplessness, stress, and worry. With numerous formulas to choose from, there’s never a bad time to consume CBD soft gels. Why Consumers Love CBD Soft […]

6 Reasons to Sell CBD Bath Bombs in Your Store

sell cbd bath bombs

Sell CBD Bath Bombs – Bath bombs are some of our best-selling CBD products. Sellers regularly contact us regarding our white-label and private-label CBD bath bombs and we’re proud to deliver within only a few short weeks. But why are bath bombs so popular and why should you sell CBD bath bombs in your store? […]

6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Nano CBD Supplier

nano cbd supplier

Your brand needs a nano CBD supplier. To be clear, nano products are not new – processors have been using nanotechnology for decades to improve chemical absorption and improve the dosing accuracy of many pharmaceutical-grade substances. Now, manufacturers are using that same technology to process cannabinoids, thus making them more absorbent and potent. The resulting […]