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CBD for Weight loss; How to Make it Work For You

cbd for weight loss graphic

Thousands of Americans are turning to CBD for weight loss thanks to its many proposed health benefits. But can CBD really help you lose weight? And if so, how? In today’s blog, we’ll tackle these questions in detail and then outline some easy ways you can sell CBD for weight loss in your retail store. […]

Common Cannabinoid Extraction Methods in the Hemp Industry

cannabinoid extraction methods

Cannabinoid Extraction Methods – Cannabinoids are the core of all our hemp-based items. Notably, CBD, CBG, CBN and other hemp-sourced cannabinoids are leading ingredients in our extensive white- and private-label product line, and we use many different extraction types to create them. Our clients can choose from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate, or nano CBD additives to […]

Hemp and Women’s Health: 6 Ways CBD Can Help

ways hemp helps women

6 Ways Hemp Helps Women – Hemp is a common ingredient in many wellness products, and for good reason! Studies suggest that hemp-based products may help reduce inflammation, improve metabolic health, boost cardiovascular function, and more. And though there are countless applications for this non-psychoactive substance, today, we’d like to focus on the many ways […]

5 Benefits of Hemp in the Environment

hemp in the environment

Hemp in the Environment – Hemp has been a vital commodity for centuries being grown for things like textiles, medicines, foods, and more. But hemp’s benefit goes well beyond these everyday applications. In fact, growing hemp may actually improve our environment! Today, we celebrate Earth Day with a shoutout to our favorite earth-loving herb: hemp. […]

6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Nano CBD Supplier

nano cbd supplier

Your brand needs a nano CBD supplier. To be clear, nano products are not new – processors have been using nanotechnology for decades to improve chemical absorption and improve the dosing accuracy of many pharmaceutical-grade substances. Now, manufacturers are using that same technology to process cannabinoids, thus making them more absorbent and potent. The resulting […]

Cannabinoids and COVID: What Research Shows

cannabinoids and covid

Cannabinoids and COVID – The internet is a-buzz following a few recently published studies suggesting that certain hemp compounds might block SARS-CoV-2 infection. Importantly, both studies took place in labs, which are far from approved human trials. Nonetheless, these findings hold exciting potential in our battle against COVID and its variants. Here’s what we know […]

6 reasons to Add CBD to Your Wellness Routine

Add CBD to Your Wellness Routine

Add CBD to Your Wellness Routine – These last few years have been rough. The pandemic combined with a volatile economy has caused an increase in sleeplessness, mood problems, and overall health, making this next yeat a welcome opportunity to correct it. If you’re one of the millions of people hoping to improve your wellbeing, […]

CBD Research: What We Know

cbd research

CBD Research – Many people tout the benefit of CBD but lack a firm understanding of research on the subject. Yes, CBD may provide exciting therapeutic benefits, but how so, and is it as reliable of a solution as many suggest? Today, we’ll discuss the status of current CBD research and use that information to […]

Hemp Vs. Marijuana CBD

hemp vs. marijuana cbd

Hemp Vs. Marijuana CBD — CBD is a potent chemical with profound therapeutic potential. And because it develops in cannabis flowers, the element is relatively easy to source – it literally grows out of the ground. However, only hemp-type CBD is federally legal and available for commercial sale; CBD sourced from marijuana-type cannabis is not. […]