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How to Choose the Best CBD Sleep Products for Your Store

CBD Sleep Products

CBD products are increasingly popular, particularly those that target specific health goals like improved sleep. In fact, roughly 58 percent of consumers reported using CBD for sleep in 2022, according to this latest Statista report. In other words, there is massive potential for retailers to sell the best CBD sleep products in their stores, especially […]

Top Shelf Delta 8 Gummies Supplier; Things to Consider

Top Shelf Delta 8 Gummies Supplier blog image

Consumers everywhere are buying up top shelf delta 8 gummies thanks to their legally intoxicating nature. Notably, high-quality D8 gummies give consumers a safe alternative to marijuana-infused edibles, while others use it to replace social alcohol consumption, relax after a long day, or enjoy a better night’s sleep. Indeed, there are many reasons consumers love […]

5 Reasons Your Consumers Will Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies blog image of woman enjoying hemp gummies

5 Reasons Consumers Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies – Even with an extensive hemp product selection, cannabinoid-infused gummies are continually our top-selling hemp product. Importantly, consumers continually display a growing interest in gummy hemp products, making them an easy choice for branded retail sales. Moreover, with numerous cannabinoid options available, consumers now have more options […]

Buy CBD Products Wholesale: What You Should Know

Buy CBD Products Wholesale

Buy CBD Products Wholesale – Hemp product buyers should always choose the best CBD wholesaler to support their retail brand. A reliable hemp wholesaler should have the proper connections, qualifications, and reputation to back their services and never leave a client questioning the quality of their products. However, those who wish to buy CBD products […]

Hemp Cannabinoids: Everything to Know Before You Buy

hemp cannabinoids you should know about image

Hemp Cannabinoids are plant-based cannabinoids that develop within the resinous trichomes atop female cannabis flowers. Importantly, hemp cannabinoids only refer to those that form on cannabis plants with extremely low THC levels, which is the intoxicating compound that develops in marijuana-type cannabis. To be clear, the USDA defines hemp as any cannabis plant that contains […]

Delta, Delta, Delta; Everything You Should Know About Alternative Cannabinoids

alternative cannabinoids blog image

Alternative cannabinoids refer to hemp-based cannabinoids that could cause intoxication in high levels. Notably, most alternative cannabinoids develop in relatively low volumes in hemp flowers, though scientists can also develop them in labs. In doing, processors can create legal synthetic cannabinoids from hemp and sell them to the public. Today, we’ll discuss everything you should […]

Trending Hemp Products You Should Know About

Trending Hemp Products

Trending Hemp Products — Successful CBD companies must understand the trending hemp products landscape to maintain their competitive edge. To be clear, the hemp industry is evolving at massive speed and consumers expect businesses to stay on top of it. That means maintaining stock of both standard and trending hemp products and marketing them to […]

Refining Hemp Extracts: Standards and Innovation in the Hemp Industry

Refining Hemp Extracts

Refining hemp extracts is necessary to create pure, compound-specific hemp products. There are many hemp refinement processes, each with its own benefit to the products they help create. Today, we’ll discuss common hemp refinement processes and then highlight some unique ways we’re refining hemp extracts for our novel cannabinoid products. Why Refine Hemp Extracts? Before […]

Everything You Should Know About Hemp Testing Policy and Procedures

hemp testing

Hemp Testing takes up a large portion of the hemp manufacturing process. The USDA requires all hemp farmers to test their crops for THC compliance, and all hemp manufacturers do the same before sharing them with the public. To do so, farmers and manufacturers must enlist the help of third-party lab testing facilities that comply […]