CBD Bath Bomb Manufacturer

cbd bath bomb manufacturer

CBD bath bomb manufacturer — CBD bath bombs serve a variety of potential customers. From athletes needing help to recover to working adults just looking to unwind after a long day – whatever your customers’ needs, VCM CBD will proudly serve as your go-to bath bomb manufacturer. 

Why Make VCM Your Bath Bomb Manufacturer

We’re Committed to Your Bath Bombs

At VCM, we pride ourselves on extremely high-quality products that will blow away your customers’ expectations. Furthermore, with VCM, you won’t have to worry about customers not returning due to product quality. We promise, when you order through us, you’ll get the best CBD bath bombs on the market. 

We’ll Reformulate Your Current Products

If you’ve got a winning product, but you’re not sold on your manufacturer’s quality or pricing – we can help. We have a proven track record of reformulating current products for higher quality and better pricing

In a business where supply chain management companies want to get away with low-dosing and sub-par products, VCM guarantees potent doses at affordable prices. Your profit margins will definitely appreciate the partnership.

Experienced CBD Bath Bomb Manufacturer

We have thoroughly refined our growing processes for over 30 years. We aren’t a new farm that popped up when CBD started booming. As such, we can confidently promise better processes and purer products compared to other CBD manufacturers. Our products are always high-quality and low-cost, which helps explain why so many CBD businesses love our product manufacturing services.

A Closer Look at Our CBD Bath Bombs

Here’s what you can expect from our CBD Bath Bombs.

  • Full customization available
  • MOQ: 100 for a plastic pouch (without label), 250 for a plastic pouch (with label), 2500 for a plastic printed pouch
  • 4 weeks lead time

Final Thoughts About CBD Bath Bomb Manufacturing

Do you need a CBD bath bomb manufacturer? Contact us to learn how we can help or download our product catalog now.

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