CBD Brand Marketing

cbd brand marketing

CBD Brand Marketing — CBD is a booming industry with an abundance of opportunity. But FTC crackdowns put up roadblocks for some CBD businesses for trying to connect to their customers. Fortunately, there are many ways to market a CBD brand, and we’ve outlined five of them

5 Ways To Nail CBD Brand Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social media is absolutely booming. As a CBD business owner, this is great news for you.

There are an almost infinite amount of people (influencers) who are hungry for good brand deals with high-quality brands. This is where you can step in. 

Introduce your potential partners to a lucrative affiliate marketing deal where they receive commissions for sending people to your brand. This incentivizes influencers to do their absolute best to sell your product. 

Depending on the number of followers an influencer has, you may be able to get advertising for as cheap as just sending them a product. Of course, the larger the influencer’s reach, the more you’ll have to pay. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of actively improving search engine ranking through the strategic use of keywords, content, and metadata. SEO optimizes websites to attract hot leads by providing keyword-rich information relevant to their target audience. For example, a company that sells CBD pet treats may try to optimize their website for that term by publishing blogs, product pages, landing pages, etc. focused on that specific phrase.

SEO is a robust marketing strategy that only gets better with age. As companies build their information library and develop a link-building strategy, search engines will begin recognizing the brand’s credibility and rank them higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Please note: SEO for CBD brands is tricky given the FDA’s strict content compliance rules. For example, it is illegal to suggest that CBD treats or cures any diagnosable condition like anxiety, depression, arthritis, and so on. Consequently, companies who wish to rank for terms like “CBD for anxiety” may only do so if they can avoid associating CBD with anxiety. It’s tricky but it’s possible. We promise.

“Boots on the Ground”

Getting out and offering enticing deals will never go out of style. One more way to get people interested in your brand is by offering promotions with flyers and posters throughout your city. 

An effective way to do this is by trading poster space with relevant shop owners in your area. For example, as a CBD brand owner, potential customers of yours may be residing in places like:

  • Chiropractic Offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Addiction Clinics
  • Physical Therapy Centers

And the list goes on.

Since these kinds of businesses can go hand in hand with CBD, meeting up and offering an exchange of flyer space could be a profitable deal for both parties.

Email Marketing for CBD Brands

Email marketing is a widely underutilized marketing strategy for CBD brands. The most obvious way to make more sales with emails is by making use of the email list that you already have.

If you’ve been making sales for months or years, you’re likely to have a reservoir of emails from customers. Importantly, mof these customers would love to buy from you again, they just need a little nudge in the right direction. It’s just up to you to give them the opportunity. 

To begin utilizing email marketing for your CBD brand marketing, educate yourself with online courses or hire an outside marketing agency or freelancer.

CBD and Social Media Marketing

As a CBD brand, you should have a strong understanding of your best customers and what your brand stands for. Armed with this knowledge, you can begin promoting your brand with custom content on social media. A few recommendations would be:

  1. Gain a few ambassadors (See: Affiliate Marketing)
  2. Make content that is hyper-relevant to your best customers
  3. Invest in a photographer or high-quality camera of your own to make your social profiles really stand out

When it comes to specific channels for growing, some obvious choices include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please be cognizant of each platform’s Terms of Service, though, and always play by the rules. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a closed account after building a substantial following.

There’s a lot to consider when attempting CBD branding marketing on social media, which we touch on in a later blog. However, generally speaking, avoid consumption images unless for topical application, and never ever make drug claims or share unproven statements.

CBD Brand Marketing: Closing Thoughts

Building your CBD brand is perhaps the most important part of running a successful CBD business. After all, you can’t sell any products if no one knows who you are!

Use these tips to support your CBD brand marketing efforts and let us handle the rest. We’ll manage your entire CBD supply chain to keep your shelves stocked while you get to do the fun stuff: promotions and sales. Download our product catalog or contact us to learn more.

What tips do you have for CBD brand marketing?

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