CBD for Weight loss; How to Make it Work For You

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Thousands of Americans are turning to CBD for weight loss thanks to its many proposed health benefits. But can CBD really help you lose weight? And if so, how?

In today’s blog, we’ll tackle these questions in detail and then outline some easy ways you can sell CBD for weight loss in your retail store.

Can CBD Help you Lose Weight?

CBD is a component of Cannabis Sativa, which is notorious for causing the “munchies” when consumed in significant quantities. Be that as it may, cannabis consumption does not equate to a larger waste line for most users. In fact, numerous studies have found that cannabis users are less likely to be overweight compared to non-users, despite significantly higher caloric intake.

Importantly, most research on the subject looks at marijuana-type cannabis, specifically cultivars that produce high THC and low CBD. Research regarding hemp for weight loss is much sparser but suggests a similar weight loss capacity minus the extra calories.

How Does CBD Affect Metabolism?

Notably, the reasons CBD may help promote weight loss are varied, beginning with metabolic support. Specifically, some suggest that CBD may help suppress appetite, as opposed to THC which induces it. Additionally, CBD likely alters fat composition by turning white fat into brown fat. To clarify, white fat (“bad” fat) increases the risk for diabetes and heart disease, whereas brown fat burns energy as heat to help the body burn more calories during exercise. CBD might also regulate glucose levels and improve gastrointestinal health via its anti-inflammatory properties.

Other Ways CBD Can Help You Lose Weight

A healthy metabolic system is just one way CBD can help you lose weight. For example, not only does CBD improve metabolism, but it also increases athletic endurance. This makes motivation easier to find and helps push through fatigue during physical activity. What’s more, CBD may help the body recover faster after training, which makes it easier to stick with a physical fitness program long-term.

Additionally, CBD could help minimize mental stressors that might lead to poor eating or exercise habits. Essentially, when we feel bad mentally, we’re less motivated to maintain proper physical health. This can lead to poor sleeping patterns and block socialization opportunities, leading to a downward spiral of poor health and self-esteem. On the other hand, if we feel good both physically and mentally, we’re more likely to take care of ourselves with proper diet and exercise.   

Best Way to Use CBD for Weight Loss

CBD alone is likely not enough to help one lose weight. Though it might certainly help, those who want to use CBD for weight loss should also consider the following factors:

  • Weight loss requires reduced caloric intake, which may involve cutting back on sugar. As such, the best CBD weight loss products should contain little to no sugar. Patches, tinctures, or water-soluble drink mixes can help meet this requirement.
  • The best way to use CBD for weight loss is to consume once-daily doses early in the day. This will give the CBD plenty of time to circulate in the blood and work its metabolic magic while demand is highest.

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