What to Expect From Your CBD Hemp Oil Supplier

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CBD Hemp Oil Supplier – Anyone who wants to run a successful CBD business needs a reliable CBD hemp oil supplier. Hiring an experienced supplier helps ensure that your customers have access to the products they want while remaining compliant with local and federal protocol.

Today, we’ll discuss what you should expect from your CBD hemp oil supplier and outline some questions you should ask when choosing the best one. But first, let’s decide if your brand need a CBD oil supplier in the first place.

Do You Need a CBD Hemp Oil Supplier?

Many entities can benefit from hiring a CBD supplier. For example, small businesses and CBD start-ups should work with a hemp supplier to ensure product consistency and reliable inventory management. Essentially, suppliers help small businesses reach their sales goals by offering affordable products, consistent formulations, and compliant paperwork without needing to manage all the fine details of each. They simply need to determine their sales projections, outsource product production, then promote their brand’s products across their chosen marketing channels.

Outsourcing CBD products also help established businesses expand their product line with minimal additional effort. Basically, brands can cater to the growing demand for CBD products by incorporating these trending items into their existing product line.

Some other reasons brands might want to hire a CBD hemp oil supplier include the desire to create unique, targeted formulas and to maintain a reliable inventory. Qualified CBD suppliers can also ensure that all products meet local and national compliance protocols, including product testing and labelling requirements.

What To Expect From Your CBD Hemp Oil Supplier

Now that you’ve determined whether a CBD hemp oil supplier is right for you, let’s discuss what you should expect from outsourcing your CBD products. Notably, your CBD supplier should offer a variety of hemp CBD oils, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate-based products. What’s more, some CBD suppliers (like VCM) also offer unique nano CBD products, which include extremely finely processed CBD molecules that absorb into the bloodstream quicker and stay active longer than traditional CBD products.

Your CBD supplier should also remain abreast of your inventory needs and check in with you often to ensure that you never run out. In doing, your supplier acts a vital team member by producing and delivering the exact products you need right when you need them.

Another quality of a great CBD hemp oil supplier is one with a deep knowledge of their products and ingredient sources. Notably, CBD suppliers are not always vertically-integrated, meaning that some source their products from third parties or outsource extraction and product development to manufacturers before selling them to you. However, those with a fully integrated system can help save you time and money while ensuring that your products always match your high standards.

Finally, you should expect your supplier to meet clearly outlined expectations and delivery timelines every time. Your customers don’t want to wait on your next product shipment, and neither should you.

Things to Remember When Choosing a CBD Supplier

The recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the commercial production and sale of CBD products. Since then, there has been a massive influx of CBD businesses and wholesalers, and they are most certainly not equal. When choosing the best CBD hemp oil supplier, ask yourself the following questions.

Where does your supplier source their CBD?

Importantly, only hemp-based CBD is federally legal, though it develops in intoxicating marijuana-type cannabis as well. Even isolated CBD which contains no THC is banned from interstate commerce. Importantly, banking institutions will restrict accounts that falter on this stipulation. Before you work with a new CBD supplier, always ensure they source their CBD from cannabinoid hemp and not marijuana.

How does your processor extract cannabinoids?

There are many methods by which to extract CBD and other cannabinoids from cannabis flowers. Each extraction method is beneficial for certain reasons, but all should employ thorough purging to maintain product purity. When vetting new suppliers, ask about their preferred extraction methods and which CBD extraction types they use in their products.

Does your supplier use third-party testing?

Importantly, there is no standard protocol regarding who may test CBD products for purity and potency. As such, some processors test their products in-house, which makes it easier to fudge the results for the better. To avoid this, always seek a CBD hemp oil supplier that uses third-party testing. They should also provide verifiable test results with each batch.

Does your supplier provide accurate COAs and (optional) compliant labels?

A COA, or Certificate of Analysis, is a document that outlines all components within a product. As such, the document should include cannabinoid potency and potential contaminants. This feature is crucial for a few reasons. First, an accurate COA is documented proof that your products are compliant with local and national hemp laws. Notably, this may also be necessary to secure banking and product transportation. Secondly, COAs prove to your customers the value of your products and help protect them from ingesting potentially uncomfortable substances.

How reputable is your hemp product supplier?

Finally, ask yourself how reputable your supplier is. Unfortunately, many CBD businesses launch quickly only to realize that the competition is fierce before they back out. Do not choose one of these businesses as your CBD product supplier!!! Instead, seek brands that have been established for at least a few years and have a long-standing success record. These businesses understand the complexities of the CBD hemp space and help you navigate the same.

Final Thoughts About Finding a CBD Hemp Oil Supplier

Your CBD brand stands to make a massive profit in the rapidly growing hemp space. To ensure it’s a success, only work with qualified CBD oil suppliers who have a knack for hemp farming and product manufacturing.

VCM is proud to provide CBD supply chain management services for your business. We offer a large selection of standard and unique hemp CBD products and can help you customize hemp oil specifically for your brand. Contact us now to ask about our white- and private-label options or view our updated product catalog now.

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