CBD Marketing Material to Try

cbd marketing material

CBD marketing material is crucial to launching a successful hemp business. The best CBD marketing material can help build a brand, maintain visibility, advertise products and promotions, and increase sales. They often include information and attractive graphics to help the viewer recall material quickly while keeping the brand top of mind.

Marketing materials refer to any asset a business uses to promote its brand, product, or service and may include both physical and digital items. For example, companies may use physical materials like business cards, brochures, and flyers, as well as digital materials like blogs, e-books, and video tutorials.

Why is CBD Marketing Material Important?

Clever marketing materials help businesses stay in front of their customers. They can do so in many ways — for example, with recognizable logos and branding or valuable content that targets their demographic. Moreover, great marketing materials get passed around from one prospect to the next, thereby increasing brand reach and extending the material’s “shelf life.” 

Things to Remember When Producing Marketing Materials

Well-developed CBD marketing material should have a consistent tone and appearance throughout channels. Fonts, logos, colors, imagery, and voice should have a similar “feel” across all digital and print material. Should a business change locations or alter their contact information, they must change this information across channels before distributing the correlated marketing material to the public. 

CBD Marketing Material to Try

There are endless when it comes to unique CBD marketing materials. All a business needs to market its product successfully is a little creative thinking and a good understanding of one’s target audience. Use this shortlist of CBD marketing materials to get started. 

Paper Prints

Paper prints include things like business cards, brochures, postcards, and letterhead with matching envelopes. This type of marketing material is excellent for those who wish to promote through trade shows and networking events, pop-up sales, local businesses, magazine ads, and so on. Paper prints should always include updated contact information, including store location or website address, and match digital branding material. 

Paper prints are generally aimed at prospects in the awareness stage of the buyer journey. At this stage, prospects are becoming aware of a problem or opportunity and would like to learn how to improve their situation.

Sales Presentations

Sales presentations are marketing materials focused on the consideration stage of the buyer journey. During the consideration stage, the prospect understands the problem and is actively researching ways to address it. 

Sales presentations include things like catalogs, product sheets, slide decks, case studies, testimonials, and video tutorials. These marketing assets work well as both print and digital material and should include detailed information like statistics, reviews, and precise product information. Graphs and infographics are often integrated into these CBD marketing materials as a means of quick information delivery.

Customer Support Materials

Customer Support Materials cater to prospects-turned customers. These marketing materials function on the premise that a happy customer is the best brand promoter. Happy customers often tout their positive experience among friends and online forums. Unfortunately, those who are unhappy will have the opposite reaction. 

Notably, a sale should not end at the transaction. Customers are prime candidates for continued business promotion, which may require some nurturing from the brand. Possible ways to nurture customers include “Thank You” and “Happy Birthday” cards or emails, shopper rewards, and other loyalty promotions.

Other CBD Marketing Materials

There are many other great CBD marketing materials that companies can use to promote their businesses. For example, people love to sport attractive tee-shirts, hats, or bags, which could essentially serve as walking billboards through which companies can promote their brands. Stickers, keychains, and lighters can also serve the same purpose, and make great swag for attracting prospects at trade events.  

Final Thoughts About CBD Marketing Materials

The best CBD marketing materials won’t go far without a solid product to back it up. Those who would like to start a CBD business must secure a reliable source of premium CBD products that will match the brand and all marketing material involved.

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