Everything You Should Know About CBD Product Labels

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CBD Product Labels – Anyone selling CBD products must include proper labeling on all items. CBD product labels must contain a breadth of information like the product’s origin, ingredients, application, and so on. Failure to do so could result in product seizure, injunctions, and hefty fines.

Notably, CBD product labeling requirements differ by state, as do the types of products businesses can sell in each area. To be clear, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD for commercial sale and outlined a list of regulations by which CBD sellers must abide. However, they left many of the specific details to the discretion of local jurisdictions. As such, product labels must meet requirements posed by both federal and local entities.

Requirements for CBD Product Labels

Permissible products — and the labels attached to them – vary by location. Rather than listing the different CBD product label requirements in each area, we thought we’d list the most basic requirements as outlined by the FDA.

Notably, edible CBD products, which also require nutritional information, are not legal in all areas. Please consult local CBD laws to determine precise product restrictions.

Product Identity

The first CBD product label requirement on our list is a product’s identity. Importantly, the product label should clearly identify what the product is, such as Sleep Tincture or Nano CBD Gummies.

Net Quantity

Product labels must also list the exact quantity of the product (without containers or packaging) by volume for liquids and by weight for solids. Net quantity should also include the amount of CBD within the product. Labels should display this information within the bottom 30 percent of the product’s display panel.

Business Name and Location

All labels must include a business’s name and location so that customers can reach out with questions or concerns. Notably, many businesses use QR codes to deliver this information on otherwise crowded product labels.

List of Ingredients

All outer packaging must include a list of ingredients in an information panel. If there is no outer packaging, this information must be listed directly on the CBD product label.

Warning or Caution Statements

Caution statements like warning minors and pregnant women not to consume CBD products is always a wise product label addition. CBD businesses should also warn about potential drug interactions, advising the consumer to consult with a doctor if this is a concern.

Product Disclosures

CBD labels should also include any additional information that the consumer might find valuable. Product disclosure examples include expiration dates, batch numbers, CBD type, and so on.

Avoid These Mistakes on Your CBD Product Labels

Now that we’ve discussed some basic CBD Product Labeling must-haves, let’s talk about what CBD labels must not have. Specifically, what information should companies never include on product labels to help them avoid fees and legal complications later?

Firstly, businesses must never misrepresent their product, which includes ingredients, quantities, and so on. Surprisingly, many CBD products do not contain the same levels of CBD listed on their labels. In fact, many CBD products contained lower CBD concentrations than they claimed, with some including other undisclosed cannabinoids like THC.

As such, it is always wise to source CBD products from reputable vendors who can provide precise product information. COAs that back product purity and potency are, thus, crucial for producing compliant CBD packaging.

Additionally, businesses should never make false claims about a product. For example, labels, websites, and other promotional materials should never imply that the product is medicinal. Essentially, brands should never suggest that their CBD products cure or treat diagnosable conditions. For example, CBD businesses should bever suggest that their products “treat anxiety,” “reverse cancer” or (most recently) “ward against COVID.”

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