How to Find the Best CBD Product Supplier for Your Store

the best cbd product supplier

The best CBD product supplier must have some very specific qualities, including a dedication to compliance and a well-connected network of peers. Moreover, the best CBD supplier for your store should be able to cater to your business’s unique goals and branding. Whether looking for a white label CBD supplier or one that offers more robust services, prudence is crucial when deciding which companies to do business with.

Qualities of a Reputable CBD Product Supplier

It’s vital to maintain exceptionally high standards when shopping for the best CBD product supplier. Doing so can help avoid inconsistencies that could harm brand reputation, limit potential sales, or throw a wrench in the overall CBD supply chain.

Before you commit to a CBD product supplier, consider the following:

Consistent, High-Quality Products

CBD develops in mature female hemp flowers, which are notoriously more difficult to grow than fiber or grain-type hemp. Poor cultivating practices could result in diminished cannabinoid levels and low-quality extracts, which may still make their way into commerce, possibly for discount.

It is wise to be wary of cheap CBD product suppliers, which may source CBD from low-quality hemp. Notably, these hemp products may contain degraded cannabinoids, toxic compounds, and significantly fewer terpenes than quality hemp flower. This poor quality is often apparent in the final product, no matter how many additional ingredients the company might add.

As such, the best CBD product manufacturer should only use CBD from premium hemp genetics cultivated by experienced hemp growers. A strong connection between the hemp farmer and CBD supplier helps ensure that the final product will be consistently high-quality.

Clear Proof of Compliance

CBD is legal to sell in the USA if it verifiably contains no more than 0.3 percent THC. Importantly, this minute ratio is what distinguishes federally legal hemp products from federally illegal marijuana products. Businesses that sell CBD, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores, must prove that their products comply with this strict FDA standard. They must also meet proper CBD labeling requirements and provide COA test results on demand.

When finding the best CBD Product Supplier for your store, ensure that all come with all necessary testing and compliance documents. Intimate knowledge of CBD label requirements is also important for both store owners and CBD product suppliers.   

Affordable Pricing Options

Your CBD product supplier should have many pricing options to help get you started. Whether you just need a few items to restock your shelves, or an entirely new product line complete with specially formulated gummies, tinctures, bath bombs, and more, your CBD supplier should have it all at a price that fits your budget.

Attentive Customer Support

Your business, no doubt, keeps you busy. The last thing you should worry about is your CBD product supplier. In fact, your CBD supplier should always be available and eager to answer questions, place or manage product orders, and offer advice about your products or business trajectory.

Never settle for sporadic conversations from difficult-to-reach CBD product suppliers. At VCM, we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service and consultation packages. We’ve been hemp industry members for decades and are eager to share our experience with budding businesses like yours.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best CBD Product Supplier

The CBD market provides massive opportunities to enter into the hemp space. Unfortunately, some CBD product suppliers are not as equally upstanding as others. For example, some may entice businesses with cheap CBD products only to sell them contaminated or sub-par goods. Unfortunately, these poor-quality CBD items could create a negative brand reputation that may be hard to bounce back from.

As such, CBD businesses must source the best CBD products from the very beginning. After all, it’s much easier to dazzle consumers with a great product from the beginning than it is to clean a tarnished reputation later.

Are you looking to extend your CBD product line? Download our catalog now or contact us to learn more about CBD supply chain management.

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