CBD Retail: Choosing the Best CBD Products for Your Store

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CBD Retail: How to Choose the Best CBD Products for Your Store — CBD retail is an ever-expanding business opportunity that comes with numerous considerations. Notably, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD for commercial sale, which opened the floodgates for millions of people looking to break into the budding hemp space.

Now, almost four years later, the market is filled with CBD brands and product suppliers all eager to make their mark in the hemp industry. Does this mean the hemp industry is saturated? Absolutely not. However, it does highlight the importance of great CBD products and the value of brand differentiation.

So, how do you choose the best CBD products for your store? And what can you do to differentiate your CBD retail store from the competition? We’re glad you asked.

How to Differentiate Your CBD Retail Store

Though many CBD retail companies fill the market, there is still plenty of room to join! The secret, of course, is to offer a unique value proposition or a distinguishing characteristic that sets your product or brand apart from competitors.

The most effective way to differentiate your brand is to offer your customers high-quality, targeted products. Choose the best CBD products for your store based on the people who shop with you (or those you hope to sell to). This will help ensure they can find everything they need, and perhaps more.

Notably, high-quality CBD products must also be reliable and consistent. As such, CBD products should always include a verifiable paper trail of their origin, including COAs every step of the way.

Best CBD Retail Products for Your Store

When deciding how to choose the best CBD products for your store, always start with the consumer. Do they prefer consumables, topicals, pet products, or something else? To determine this, analyze the personas of your ideal buyers then consider the following.


CBD tinctures are liquid (often oil-based) CBD products meant for oral consumption. Notably, consumers may either swallow and metabolize tinctures, or allow the substance to absorb through the oral cavity for quicker (albeit shorter-lived) effects.

Tinctures are particularly popular among consumers for a few reasons, the first of which being the various consumption methods. Tinctures also come in many different flavors, concentration levels, CBD types, and intended applications. Many CBD retail managers choose feature hemp tinctures as flagship CBD products.


Topicals encompass a wide range of products, including lotions, patches, bath bombs, roll-on gels, and more. Importantly, topical CBD products generally do not penetrate the blood/brain barrier, so their effects are primarily local.

Essentially, topical CBD application gives cannabinoids direct access to CB receptors just under the skin. By activating these receptors, cannabinoids may help reduce swelling, improve elasticity, and minimize surface-level imperfections.

Notably, topical CBD products are ideal for those who seek to relieve pain, redness, and other skin irritations.

Self-Care Items

Self-Care items sell well in boutique-style CBD retail stores, holistic wellness companies, and brands that promote essential “you” time. These items include bath bombs, bath salts, and smokable hemp products.

Tablets and Capsules

Consumers love the convenience of CBD tablets and capsules. What’s more, producers can formulate CBD tablets and capsules to include other beneficial elements for more targeted applications. For example, formulation experts could mix cannabinoids with select terpenes and other herbal supplements to increase the product’s relaxing or uplifting qualities.

Notably, many CBD retail stores stock various capsules to target specific goals throughout the day. For example, many of our clients sell uplifting CBD capsules for daytime use and sleep-promoting capsules for evening consumption.

Unique CBD Products

The easiest way to differentiate your brand from the competition is by offering unique, effective CBD products. For example, the CBD community has recently adopted nanotechnology to process CBD into extremely fine, highly bioavailable products. Nano CBD absorbs into the bloodstream quicker and stays active longer. Notably, nano CBD produces blood plasma levels between 1.41 and 5.88 times higher than average CBD products produce.

Another unique item to recently hit the VCM product catalog is our Pharmaceutical-Grade Flowable CBD powder, which we press into dry tablets for easy consumption. These tablets include highly refined CBD oils and extracts which processors use to create ultra-precise, highly targeted CBD dry caps.

Finding a Reliable CBD Retail Supplier

Once you’ve determined how to choose the best CBD products for your store, you must find a reputable product manufacturer who can help. Notably, your CBD product supplier should be very well-connected in the hemp space, giving them access to only the best, most reliable growers and processors around.

Additionally, your supplier should provide you with verifiable documentation that outlines every step of the seed-to-sale journey. Importantly, updated, accurate COAs are a crucial component of CBD retail compliance. As such, a reliable CBD product supplier should always provide all documentation necessary to verify product compliance.  

Finally, ensure that your CBD supplier is communicative and knowledgeable about the products they provide and the people they serve. They should not be mere “middlemen” in CBD transactions, but rather active participants among their growing, processing, and production teams. This intimate product knowledge ensures that they deliver the best possible products every time, without allowing any link in the supply chain to weaken or break.

How to Choose the Best Products for Your CBD Retail Store: Closing Thoughts

The CBD industry is booming and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Whether you manage an established CBD retail store or you’re considering launching a CBD business, we’ve got you covered.

We provide high-quality, customizable CBD products and supply chain management to help brands surpass the competition. We feature a massive product catalog and offer many customizable options to ensure every product you sell is as unique as the brand you back.

Contact us to learn more about how to choose the best CBD products for your store or inquire about CBD retail consultation services.

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