How to Choose the Best CBD Sleep Products for Your Store

CBD Sleep Products

CBD products are increasingly popular, particularly those that target specific health goals like improved sleep. In fact, roughly 58 percent of consumers reported using CBD for sleep in 2022, according to this latest Statista report. In other words, there is massive potential for retailers to sell the best CBD sleep products in their stores, especially if those products are consistent and effective.

But how will you know which CBD sleep products are the best to sell in your store, and where can you find a manufacturer that can reliably deliver your bulk CBD sleep product orders? We’ll discuss all of this and more in today’s blog, but first, let’s take a closer look at why consumers love using CBD for sleep.

Consumers Love CBD for Sleep

The CDC reports that one in every three Americans are sleep deprived, making us some of the sleepiest people in the world! Unfortunately, insufficient sleep can affect our productivity, confidence, and physical and mental health. Unfortunately, many existing prescription and OTC sleep aids are ineffective and often include unwanted side effects like excessive grogginess and confusion.

CBD, on the other hand, seems to improve sleep quality without producing the same discomforts of other OTC sleep aids. Though research regarding CBD and sleep is limited, preliminary studies suggest that CBD (either alone or combined with other sleep aids) may speed up sleep onset time and improve sleep quality.

Interestingly, CBD itself may not cause sleepiness. However, it does seem to improve mental and physical comfort so that consumers can sleep more soundly after consuming it. This may help explain why CBD for sleep is so effective despite its non-intoxicating nature.

VCM’s Best CBD Sleep Products

VCM uses the best ingredients and employs the most reliable product manufacturing techniques to ensure that every item we sell is consistently superb. Be that as it may, some CBD products are better for sleep than others. Here’s a list of our best CBD sleep products and a few benefits of selling them in your store.

CBD Sleep Tinctures

Hemp sleep tinctures include a careful mix of CBD hemp extract and other naturally relaxing ingredients to help consumers sleep comfortably throughout the night. Tinctures make the perfect addition to any bedtime routine, taking effect in just minutes when consumed sublingually. Notably, we make our CBD sleep tinctures from our own Kentucky-grown hemp, so we can produce reliably high-quality tinctures every time.   

CBD Gummies for Sleep

CBD hemp gummies are the most popular edible hemp product on the market today, accounting for $1.4 billion globally in 2021. Consumers seem particularly fond of them thanks to their delicious flavors, easy dosing, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. However, their most attractive appeal seems to be targeted applications like improving sleep or promoting calm. VCM’s CBD Sleep Gummies can help retailers meet this demand with low MOQs and custom private-label options.  

CBD Sleep Patches

CBD sleep patches are an exciting new topical hemp product designed to slowly absorb into the bloodstream for hours of continuous, controlled relief. Notably, VCM Sleep Patches include 25mg CBD plus other beneficial ingredients designed to comfortably lull your customers to sleep without making them feel groggy. Contact us to discuss custom packaging options on these and other low MOQ hemp products.

CBD Sleep Capsules and Soft Gels

Hemp caps and soft gels are some of our best-selling items thanks to their flavorless convenience and superior quality. Notably, we produce these CBD sleep products using either powdered CBD or full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and offer three pre-formulated white-label options to choose from. However, we also offer private-label CBD sleep products, allowing you to customize your bulk order in many exciting ways!  

Hemp Oral Strips

New to the market are our hemp oral strips, including dissolvable sleep strips and Delta 8 mouth strips. Both items include the perfect balance of relaxing hemp cannabinoids and other beneficial elements infused into delicious gummy mouth strips for easy sublingual absorption. Your customers will love their convenience and fast-acting effectiveness, thus making you their go-to retailer for premium CBD sleep products.

Delta 8 Candies

Delta 8 and other intoxicating alternative cannabinoids can help consumers relax into a comfortable body buzz and stress-free mind. These products are especially attractive to those who live in non-recreational states, particularly millennial men, who need a little more than CBD and melatonin to fall asleep. To meet this demand, VCM offers an extensive line of alternative cannabinoid candies like our hemp lollipops and caramel fruit chews.

Buy White-Label and Private-Label CBD Sleep Products from VCM

More and more consumers are choosing CBD products that target specific health goals like pain, mood, and sleep. If you represent a retailer looking to buy white-label CBD sleep products or other custom hemp items, contact us to learn how we can help.  

Importantly, we offer low MOQs and fast lead times so you can get your new hemp products on shelves and e-commerce platforms quickly and affordably. View our latest product catalog now, or contact us to get started!

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