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CBD Soft Gel Manufacturer — Whether you’re in the CBD business or thinking of starting one, you should definitely stock your shelves with premium CBD soft gels. Unfortunately, many CBD supply chain businesses sell low-quality products, often by pushing a lower cost and consequent higher potential return. However, low-quality products can cause bad consumer experiences, which can be difficult to rectify.

To be clear, you should never compromise quality for cost. At VCM, we are proud to be the best CBD soft gel manufacturer and will prove it every step of the way. We guarantee you the absolute best CBD soft gel manufacturing services, and here’s why. 

Why VCM CBD is Certifiably the Best

6+ Years in the CBD Soft Gel Manufacturer Business

The way that we deliver value is through our decades of business experience and the 6+ years specifically growing hemp. To put it simply, our years of tuning and refining our CBD soft gel manufacturer services will save you money while delivering the highest quality product on the market. Your customers will love it and it will keep them coming back.

Extra Potent CBD Products

We take pride in the integrity of our products. For that reason, we make a deliberate effort to introduce an extra 10% CBD into our products to help prevent underdosing. This is yet another way we can help you over-deliver to your customers.

100% Guarantee

Unfortunately, it’s very common for CBD Supply Chain businesses to underdose CBD because it helps their bottom line. Fortunately, we don’t believe in that kind of ethos. Importantly, we implement our own randomized testing on our products, including CBD soft gels, to ensure top quality.

Moreover, we also utilize independent COAs to give an extra layer of authenticity.

Commitment to Quality

“We spend a disproportionate amount of time getting formulas right” – Tod Shuttleworth, Co-Founder.

At VCM, integrity and quality are of the utmost importance. We know that doing right by the customer will result in a long-term sustainable business. As such, we want to deliver the best possible product by going above and beyond with our formulas. We are happy to put in the extra effort if it means we can be the best CBD soft gel manufacturer in the nation — and it does!

Money-Saving Reformulations

If you are dissatisfied with or are questioning your current CBD soft gel manufacturer, we want to help. We have an overwhelmingly strong track record of delivering better products at lower prices. We will help you formulate your existing products and apply our years of CBD soft gel manufacturing experience to deliver what is quite often a better product and for a lower price.

View Our CBD Soft Gel Products

We offer three varieties of CBD Soft gels: energy support, sleep support, and regular. Stock your shelves with all three, or choose only those that serve your customers best.

  • Energy Softgels: Proprietary terpene blend targets energy, alertness, and mental focus, and provides a calm, non-jittery energy.
  • Sleep Softgels: Combines the drowsy side effect from Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts) with melatonin and terpenes targeting relaxation, drowsiness, and sleepiness.
  • Regular Softgels: The effect of CBD in a simple to take softgel that goes down easy.

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