A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best CBD Supplier

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CBD Supplier Must-Haves – The 2018 Farm Bill opened the flood gates to the CBD industry, and thousands of new players have joined the Green Rush ever since. This is good news for anyone interested in starting their own hemp wellness business because we now have ample support systems like specialized consultants and product suppliers.

However, this influx of new hemp businesses means that companies must conduct due diligence before settling on CBD suppliers. After all, no one wants to deal with non-compliant products, inaccurate labels, or shoddy vendors.

Today, we’ll discuss everything you should look for when choosing a CBD supplier. Before you sign your next deal, ensure your vendor has all of these CBD supplier must-haves.

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CBD Supplier Must-Haves

Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Product Supplier

Common CBD Product Types

CBD Supplier Must-Haves

There are many qualities that make a good CBD product supplier, but these four are absolutely crucial for hemp business success.

Farm Bill Compliant

First and foremost, your CBD supplier must have a strong understanding of Farm Bill Compliance. To be clear, the Farm Bill is a document drafted by the USDA permitting the national commercial sale and production of hemp and hemp-based compounds. The FDA holds jurisdiction over commercial hemp cannabinoids, though, as they are closely tied to intoxicating marijuana-type cannabinoids, which are Schedule I compounds.  As such, your CBD supplier must not only understand FDA hemp compliance but also modify their products and packages as soon as the FDA’s standards change.

Regional Compliance

Though the USDA permits CBD sales throughout the nation, the organization gives ultimate authority over local jurisdictions (as long as they comply with FDA standards). As such, CBD hemp laws vary widely between areas. For example, some places restrict edible cannabinoid products while others restrict inhaled products. Labelling requirements also differ from location to location, which can be challenging for national CBD sellers. Fortunately, the best CBD suppliers understand the complexities of various regional hemp laws and can help ensure CBD businesses sell compliant products wherever their customers reside.

Third-Party Testing

CBD industry regulations vary by location, so it’s important that your CBD product supplier meets industry standards in all areas in which you sell. Notably, each region has different testing standards, but the best CBD product supplier will adhere to the strictest. Specifically, they should run all products through third-party testing (not in-house testing) to confirm potency and legality. Furthermore, all products should include tests results that list potential contaminants like toxins, pesticides, and residual solvents. Test results should always be current and available to list on your (e-commerce) website.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Last on our list of CBD supplier must-haves is GMP certification. To be clear, GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice Certification, is documentation confirming that product manufacturers engage in all standard food safety best practices. A third-party issues GMP certification after inspecting all products, equipment, and processes to ensure they all meet regulatory compliance issues. As such, anyone who sells consumable hemp products should also have third-party GMP certification.

Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Supplier

Now that we’ve outlined the most basic CBD supplier must-haves, let’s talk about a few product supplier “nice-to-haves.” Those who possess these qualities are generally better equipped to manage increasing demand without compromising quality, and usually have access to a wider selection of quality CBD products, too. When choosing the best CBD product supplier, look for the following characteristics.


Experienced CBD suppliers should have a vast network of peers with which they work. Though they may manage all aspects of promotion, a large network means they have access to all of the best tools and resources, thereby ensuring top-quality every time.

Good Reputation

A large network doesn’t matter if a business’s reputation is suffering. Indeed, the best CBD suppliers are well-connected and well-liked within the industry. As such, always refer to a hemp product supplier’s track record via client reviews industry partners.  

Extensive Product Options

The best CBD businesses have an extensive product line – and they source those products from a well-established CBD product supplier. As such, when choosing the best CBD product supplier, it’s often wise to select a company with many product options, especially if those products include customizable options to help brands build inventories that are as unique as they are. Our hemp gummies are an excellent example of this.


Finally, the best CBD supply chain managers should be attentive to their client’s business needs and goals. They should be available to answer questions and provide all paperwork within just a few days of contacting them. Those who are looking for a great CBD supplier should always choose those who are readily available and attentive.

Product Types You Should Expect from a CBD Supplier

An experienced CBD supplier should have access to a wide variety of hemp-based cannabinoid products. Additionally, great CBD suppliers will have tried-and-true products on-hand and ready to ship within a month or two after ordering.

Though some suppliers (like VCM) also provide custom formulations, their white-label product line should be extensive and include ample products that appeal to consumers and those most curious about hemp. The following are just a few examples of the types of hemp products CBD suppliers are most likely to have in stock.

CBD product types infographic

Cannabinoid-Infused Edibles

Edibles refer to any cannabinoid product that one can consume by mouth. This category includes both sublingual and metabolized products like tinctures, gummies, softgels or capsules, and water-soluble nano CBD powders.

Notably, edibles are the most popular CBD product among consumers, with tinctures and gummies bringing in the most US sales. However, nano products are gaining massive momentum thanks to their superior bioavailability and fast on-set time. Contact your CBD supplier to discuss the best CBD edibles for your store.

Topical CBD Products

Topical CBD works by penetrating the skin for localized benefit. Though most topical products do not enter the bloodstream, they can impact specific target areas by activating cannabinoid receptors just below the skin’s surface. In doing, topical CBD products may help promote skin rejuvenation and lessen the severity of some topical discomforts.

There are many reasons consumers love topical cannabinoid products, including ease of application and relatively predictable outcomes. But perhaps the most exciting thing about topical CBD products is the massive variety available for retail sale. Some examples of popular topical CBD products include lotions and balms, facial moisturizers, patches, and roll-ons.

Personal Care Products

More Americans are focusing on self-care than ever before. According to a survey conducted by OnePoll, seven out of 10 Americans prioritize self-care more now than they did in the past, dedicating 65 minutes per week to the activity. The survey also found that at-home spa days are the most popular form of self-care, which generally include things like candles and relaxing baths.

This is great news for CBD businesses, particularly those that offer personal care products that fit well into this activity. For example, CBD-infused bath bombs and salts incorporate easily into an at-home spa day, as do pre-rolled hemp cigarettes for those who just need a few minutes to themselves.

Nano Products

Nano CBD is simply CBD extract that has been processed into incredibly fine particles. Next, processors coat the particles with a lipid barrier to increase its stability and improve absorption. Importantly, the tiny nano CBD particles absorb quicker and more thoroughly into the bloodstream than traditional CBD products. Hence, nano CBD products are up to four times more potent compared to the same amount of product.

The most common nano CBD products on the market include nano CBD-infused tinctures, gummies, and water-soluble sachets. However, due both to the smaller size and lipid coating, nano products tend to have a bitter flavor. As such, the best nano CBD supplier will take this into account when formulating nano products.

Other Unique CBD Products

One of the best things about CBD is the countless products that manufacturers can infuse it into. Notably, the 2018 Farm Bill helped open the floodgates for innovative cannabinoid products, many of which are available for both white-label and private-label sales.

VCM is proud to offer an ever-expanding hemp product line, including unique CBD products like our pharmaceutical-grade flowable CBD tablets. These specially formulated dry caps contain thoroughly processed isolated powders, which we use to create incredibly precise tablets for highly targeted benefits.

We also offer hemp-derived Delta-8 products, which some consumers say helps lull them to sleep or relax in a more “chilled” manner. Contact us to learn more about PDG CBD powder or D8 patches and to discuss white- and private-label options.

Closing Thoughts on This CBD Supplier Guide

You’ve got a lot to consider when managing a CBD business. The last things you should worry about are the products you source. That’s why you should choose a CBD product supplier who can meet your growing demands without compromising quality or compliance. We offer both white-label and private-label products, so your customers will always have your very best.

VCM is proud to be a leading CBD supplier. Our products include tinctures, body care items, nano CBD, and more. Contact us to learn how we can help your CBD company grow.

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