CBD Wholesaler: How to Decide if You Should Become One

CBD Wholesaler

CBD Wholesaler – As the CBD industry evolves, so too do profitable hemp CBD business models. Successful businesses don’t need to formulate and produce products in-house to sell one-by-one to the end consumer. In fact, this process is quite timely and often proves a difficult way to penetrate the market. However, by becoming a CBD wholesaler, business can speed brand awareness and spread access to their amazing products. They just have to have amazing products to sell!

Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of becoming a CBD wholesaler then outline some steps you can take to add wholesale CBD to your product line.

What is a CBD Wholesaler?

A CBD Wholesaler is anyone who sells CBD products in bulk, usually to online or brick-and-mortar vendors who then sell the individual units to consumers. Essentially, wholesalers act as middlemen between manufacturers and retailers by purchasing large quantities of a product and then reselling it in bulk to retail distributors. Importantly, CBD Wholesalers sell highly valuable products at discounted rates, but the speed at which they sell them helps offset the cost.

How to Become a CBD Wholesaler

Whether you’re just getting started in the CBD industry or you’re trying to expand your already successful product line, becoming a CBD wholesaler is an excellent option. Use

The following steps to start the CBD wholesaler process.

Determine Buyers

The first step in any new business endeavor is to determine exactly who your target audience is. To become a CBD wholesaler, this process is two-faceted.

First, you must determine who the end consumer is. Consider as many demographic aspects as possible, including your target consumer’s age, social status, income level, and which pain points you hope to help them resolve. The more information you can compile regarding your target consumer, the easier it will be to develop the type of products they prefer. If your product will appeal to many demographic segments, then outline the characteristics of each.

Once you’ve outlined the characteristics of your end consumer, you must determine the retailers they purchase from – then determine if those retailers will want your wholesale product. Remember, you are not selling to the end consumer, you are selling to those who want to distribute your product for you. As such, you must engage in extensive market research and secure interest early.

Develop Products

Now that you know who your target audience is, it’s time to develop products that suit their needs. This is an important step for a CBD wholesaler because only high-quality, high-value products will attract retail distributors. As such, it is crucial that you enter this phase with a clear goal and reasonable production expectations. VCM’s formulation experts are happy to guide you through this process. What’s more, our manufacturing team can help ensure even the largest orders are filled accurately and on time.

Secure Your Supplier

Once you’ve solidified your product formulas, it’s time to find someone who can produce them in bulk. Seek a CBD supplier with a solid reputation and ensure that they follow all standard protocols, including labeling, testing, and supply sourcing. Bonus points for finding a vertically-integrated company that grows, extracts, and produces all CBD products in-house to reduce overhead costs.

Create a Business Plan

You should update your business plan every time you add a new element to your business. When becoming a CBD wholesaler, your new business plan should include things like target market (who the product is for), target audience (who you will sell the product to), supplier, marketing channels, and more. Check out this blog for more tips on how to write a business plan.  

How to Choose the Best CBD Wholesaler Supplier

If you’d like to offer CBD wholesale products, then you must have a reliable supplier. Importantly, the best CBD wholesaler suppliers should be equipped to produce large orders quickly without ever compromising quality. They should also have a long-standing positive reputation in the industry, direct access to all facets of the supply chain, and provide detailed COAs with every purchase.

VCM is proud to offer an extensive wholesale CBD product line. We can produce large orders on spec to deliver the finished product quickly and consistently. Our existing customers love us, and we’re sure you will, too.

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