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custom CBD formulas

Custom CBD Formulas – VCM proudly supports all areas of the supply chain, from farm to store and everything in between. Importantly, this includes developing custom CBD formulas that cater to all CBD consumer demographics. Whether a brand’s target market is athletes, seniors, soccer moms, or anyone else, we can formulate products to meet their specific CBD wellness goals.

Notably, our targeted CBD products were developed by CBD Formulation Expert, Matt Hatcher. Hatcher plays a crucial role in VCM’s supply chain management process and is the subject of discussion in today’s blog. Specifically, we’ll introduce Matt Hatcher, discuss his custom CBD formulation process, and outline his advice for CBD business owners developing their own custom CBD products.

Matt Hatcher: Discovering Herbalism

Hatcher discovered herbalism at an early age with a particular interest in cannabis and other entheogens. With a profound appreciation for plants and their wellness potential, Hatcher jumped at the opportunity to promote cannabis following the 2018 Farm Bill update. He accepted his first industry job in late 2018 where he worked as a product developer for a large hemp company.

Soon thereafter, Hatcher connected with VCM Founders, Will Brownlow and Todd Shuttleworth to help develop some of their best-selling hemp CBD products. Most recently, Hatcher has helped create some of VCM’s unique nano-emulsion formulas, which he finds “very effective.”

Perfecting Custom CBD Formulas

CBD products often work best when mixed with other elements like herbs and supplements. According to Hatcher, “I find cannabinoids work very well when used in conjunction with a lot of different herbs. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 

As such, Hatcher bases many of his formulas around complementary elements. For example, he may mix calming herbs like passionflower with holy basil to promote relaxation. Conversely, he may mix CBD with Vitamin D and immune-boosting terpenes to help strengthen one’s immune system.

Generally, Hatcher likes to test his formulas on himself first, followed by friends and loved one’s whom he knows will provide honest feedback. After all, as Hatcher states, “Experience is the best teacher, be it your own or someone else’s.” 

Tips for Creating Custom CBD Formulas

Hatcher has learned a lot since beginning his hemp formulation journey and wants to share his knowledge with you. As such, he’s offered the following tips for those interested in developing their own custom CBD formulas.

how to create great cbd products

Tip #1: Create Products that Serve Your Target Demographic

Selling products within a specific demographic requires businesses to offer products that people in that demographic need. As such, the best way to develop products that will sell is to produce them from the consumer’s perspective. Ask yourself: “Who is my target audience and what do they hope to gain from this product?” To determine this, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Also, engage in market research to help determine exactly what it is that your customers want from you.

Tip #2: Test, Test, Test

As mentioned, Hatcher initially tests his new formulas on himself (after conducting thorough research about all ingredients he uses). However, sometimes he’s tasked with developing products that he doesn’t need. In these cases, he offers friends and loved one’s formula samples in exchange for basic product feedback. When developing your own custom CBD formulas, Hatcher encourages you to do the same. Then, once people start buying, ask customers for feedback and tweak your products as necessary to help your brand exceed expectations.

Tip #3: Grab Opportunities to Stand Out

The last tip for CBD product customization that Hatcher wanted to share is the importance of unique positioning. With an industry as saturated as it is, the best way to build and maintain success is with products that differ from the rest. It’s not enough to simply sell CBD, anymore. If you want your business to thrive, you must separate yourself from the competition. According to Hatcher, “Be different than your competition and use these differences as an opportunity to educate your customers about how your product is better.” Strategies to help differentiate yourself from competitors include offering unique products like VCM’s nano and PGF CBD products) and unique positions from which to sell them.

Final Thoughts About Our Custom CBD Formulas

VCM is proud to be one of the nation’s top CBD supply chain management companies. Notably, we credit much of our success to the careful work of Formulation Expert, Matt Hatcher.

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