What to Look For in a CBD Product Manufacturer

cbd product manufacturer

CBD Product Manufacturer – Anyone who manages a CBD retail store needs a CBD product manufacturer. Sometimes, the CBD product manufacturer and the CBD retailer are one-in-the-same; most of the time, they are not.

To be clear, outsourcing is often the most vital step toward business success, regardless of industry. When small business owners can outsource their manufacturing needs to experienced processors, they can focus closer on what they actually want to do: build a successful business.

The same is certainly true for CBD business owners – with one major caveat: stricter industry regulations. Product source, potency, history, and label information all help determine whether CBD products are compliant or federally prohibited.

As such, it is crucial to find a CBD product manufacturer who is deeply familiar with hemp industry regulations and standards. They must also have an intimate knowledge of the entire CBD production process – from seed to sale – to ensure that the product remains compliant every step of the way.

What to look for in a CBD Product Manufacturer

A reliable CBD product manufacturer should have a solid connection with all of those involved in producing CBD products. Therefore, they will keep diligent track of all records and maintain close relationships with anyone contributing to product development. Moreover, they will establish firm standards for those with whom they conduct business, ensuring that all is in order during every phase of the CBD production journey.

That’s a big job, so it’s vital to ensure that your CBD manufacturer is up to the task. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best CBD product manufacturer for your CBD retail store.

Farming Procedures

The best CBD product manufacturers have an intimate connection with the farms with which they work. They must also hold incredibly high standards for the biomass hemp farms produce, which tends to fall favorably on greenhouse grows.

Notably, the most valuable hemp compounds are also very volatile and require special care to develop and thrive. As such, the best CBD products come from carefully cultivated hemp flowers grown under precise environmental conditions. This helps explain why greenhouse hemp farms are particularly valuable to the CBD industry and serve as the starting point for premium cannabinoid hemp products such as those from VCM CBD.

Extraction Technology

Cannabinoid extraction has evolved considerably over the last few years. As a result, extraction processes are more thorough and more potent than ever before. Of course, these high-quality extractions require the proper technology to make them work.

As such, the best CBD product manufacturers emphasize the quality and purity of the cannabinoid extracts in their products. They only work with extractors that use state-of-the-art technology and only those who can process bulk orders without compromising quality.

VCM CBD only works with experienced extractors who use current, reliable technology. Their extraction types include broad- and full-spectrum CBD oils to incorporate whole-plant potential, or 99.9 percent pure CBD isolate for those who seek more thorough product customization.

Seed-to-Sale Tracking

A great CBD product manufacturer will keep a precise record of each product every step of the way. Moreover, he can quickly produce all relevant information regarding a product’s source, handler, test results, and more. This helps ensure consistent product quality and compliance and gives the end consumer ultimate confidence in their products.

Regulatory Licensing and Certificates

CBD regulations are spotty at best. While the FDA and USDA try to develop a national CBD framework, states and tribal territories must figure most of it out themselves. This creates many hemp law variations throughout the states and requires careful consideration when distributing CBD to a national audience.

As such, a CBD product manufacturer must have a firm grasp of national hemp laws. In addition, they must ensure that all processors are compliant (with the paperwork to back it) so that the seller can legally distribute it to their audience. Notably, permissible THC levels vary by location (ranging from zero THC whatsoever to up to 0.3 percent), while some areas restrict certain hemp product types, particularly inhalable CBD hemp.

Additional Considerations for Finding the Best CBD Product Manufacturer

Many qualities make up the best CBD product manufacturer. In addition to the points listed above, a great CBD manufacturer should always be transparent in their transactions. You should always know where your products are, who produces them, and their production standards. Moreover, all of this information should be available and easily accessible to ensure all transactions run smoothly. COAs and product labels should be readily available so businesses can quickly confirm compliance whenever necessary.

CBD products must also remain consistent in both white label products (our formulations, your brand) and private label products (your formulations, your brand). Customers expect the same quality again and again, and so must a quality CBD product manufacturer.

Finally, the best CBD manufacturer always focuses on customer satisfaction. They must be available to discuss product issues and concerns and offer insight as necessary to help you meet your business goals. Essentially, a great CBD product manufacturer may well be your fast pass to CBD business success.

Why Choose VCM CBD as Your CBD Product Manufacturer

At VCM, we combine decades of production experience with our vast network of CBD hemp processors to streamline premium CBD product development. We can help your CBD business produce, develop, and sell the best CBD oils and products for your audience.

We promise to deliver consistently high-quality CBD products according to your business needs, specifications, and delivery schedule to help you reach CBD business success.

Contact us to learn more or follow us on social media for news and updates.

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