5 Reasons Your Consumers Will Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

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5 Reasons Consumers Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies – Even with an extensive hemp product selection, cannabinoid-infused gummies are continually our top-selling hemp product. Importantly, consumers continually display a growing interest in gummy hemp products, making them an easy choice for branded retail sales.

Moreover, with numerous cannabinoid options available, consumers now have more options regarding the effects they’re hoping to achieve. For example, adults in non-recreational states can now enjoy hemp delta 9 gummies and the intoxicating qualities they produce. Even better: you can sell it to them!

Today, we’ll discuss five reasons consumers enjoy hemp delta 9 gummies, then outline what you can do to add them to your product line. But first, let’s take a closer look at hemp D9 itself.

What is Hemp Delta 9?

Hemp Delta 9 is simply D9 THC sourced from hemp instead of “marijuana”-type cannabis. However, D9 develops in extremely low quantities in hemp plants (which is what makes it “hemp”), so sourcing it requires a lot of plant matter – like a lot. As such, some manufacturers infuse extremely high amounts of full-spectrum hemp oil into their hemp delta 9 gummies, while others synthesize D9 from CBD.

5 Reasons Consumers Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies from VCM CBD

It’s no surprise that consumers enjoy hemp delta 9 gummies as much as they do, but just to clarify, here are the top five reasons consumers love VCM’s delta 9 hemp gummies.


VCM hemp gummies come in many delicious flavors like blueberry, raspberry, and peach. Notably, we’ve perfected our formulations with the perfect balance between sweet fruity flavors and earthy hemp extracts.


Another reason people enjoy delta 9 hemp gummies is their effectiveness. Indeed, these gummies produce reliably uplifting sensations that serve as the perfect nightcap replacement or dinner party compliment.


We thoroughly test all of our delta 9 hemp gummies to ensure product reliability and consistency. Moreover, we always include proper documentation, including valid COAs to ensure transparency and consumer safety.

Great for Sublingual Ingestion

Cannabinoid absorption can occur in various ways, the most common of which are through the skin, the gut, and the mouth. Of these three absorption methods, oral (sublingual) absorption is the most efficient, delivering cannabinoids to the bloodstream in as little as five minutes.


We make VCM hemp gummies with vegan-friendly ingredients to help you sell your D9 gummies to an even wider audience!

How to Buy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies Wholesale

Step 1: Establish a Budget and Potential ROI

Introducing a new product to market requires an investment of both time and money. Before you can buy hemp delta 9 gummies wholesale, you must understand exactly how much your business can afford spend on both product and promotion.

Once you’ve determined your budget, you can conduct basic market research to determine the average cost to consumers for Delta 9 hemp gummies. Multiply this amount by the number of items in your hemp gummy wholesale order then deduct your product and marketing costs from that amount. This number represents your potential ROI for Delta 9 hemp gummies to help you determine if your brand should sell them.

Step 2: Find a Reliable Distributor

After determining your budget and sales potential, it’s time to find a reliable distributor. Consider things like reputation, product quality, and minimum order quantities when choosing your next hemp product supply company. Remember, a reliable hemp product supplier should deliver consistent, predictable products and documentation within a mutually agreed-upon timeframe. All you should have to do is sell it.

Step 3: Seek Customization Options

Your branded hemp Delta 9 gummies don’t have to look, taste, and act like everyone else’s. In fact, VCM offers numerous customizable options to help you enjoy delta 9 hemp gummies even more. For example, you can modify flavors, portion sizes, potencies, packaging, and more. Remember that some areas restrict certain shapes and D9 potencies, so a little flexibility is wise.  

Step 4: Determine Your Order Quantity

Your MOQ, or minimum order quantity, will determine how much money you can actually generate off of each sale. Notably, custom options may affect your supplier’s MOQ (and your price per product), though you may be able to offset this cost by purchasing a higher quantity.

On the other hand, lower MOQs allow you to test your market before committing to a larger endeavor. VCM proudly accommodates both low MOQs and discounted larger orders.

5 Reasons Consumers Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies; Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to enjoy delta 9 hemp gummies for consumers and retailers alike. If you’ve been thinking about adding D9 gummies to your product line, then VCM CBD can help! Contact us to learn more about our extensive wholesale hemp product line, including a variety of cannabinoid and ingredient options.

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