Hemp Gummy Manufacturer: Why You Need One

Hemp Gummy Manufacturer

Hemp Gummy Manufacturer – Securing a quality hemp gummy manufacturer could help propel your CBD business and brand. In fact, many consumers prefer CBD gummies because they offer convenient consumption, precise dosing, and wonderful flavor. Today, we’ll discuss some benefits of CBD in the body, outline a few reasons consumers love gummy CBD products, then explain what qualities you should look for when choosing the best hemp gummy manufacturer for your business.

CBD in the Body

CBD is a phytocannabinoid that develops in the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant. When ingested, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help mitigate stressors within the body. Essentially, CBD mimics endocannabinoids, or internally produced cannabinoids, by influencing the way the body produces and metabolizes them.

Though this process usually occurs on-demand in response to stress, sometimes a person’s endocannabinoid tone suffers. Experts suggest that a weak endocannabinoid tone may be to blame for seemingly unrelated conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, and IBS, though this is not yet confirmed.  

However, this theory does help explain why CBD seems to have such a profound impact on the body. To date, CBD research suggests that the compound could help reduce pain and inflammation, reduce stress, improve sleep, stimulate bone growth, and more.

Why Gummies are So Popular

Consumers love hemp CBD gummies! In fact, “CBD gummies” was the third most popular food search term in 2018. What’s more, experts project that the CBD edibles market will increase 13.7 percent annually to reach $34.15B by 2031. As such, the best CBD brands should jump on the CBD gummy trend ASAP to grab their piece of this massive slice of pie.

But what exactly is the appeal of CBD gummies (besides their proposed therapeutic benefit, that is)? Basically, it boils down to convenience. Gummies are incredibly easy to consume, whether alone or with other vitamins or daily rituals, and almost always deliver predictable results. People know exactly what they’re getting when they buy hemp gummies (provided, of course, that their hemp gummy manufacturer is both predictable and reliable).

People also prefer hemp gummies because of how long they can remain active within the body. Unlike inhaled or sublingual CBD products which tend to wear off rather quickly, CBD gummies metabolize slowly for long-lasting effects — often for four hours or more. This means less frequent consumption and more money saved.

Notably, duration and on-set time largely depend on the type of CBD used in the hemp gummy manufacturer process. For example, standard CBD products can take an hour or more to absorb into the bloodstream. Conversely, nano CBD gummies may take a fraction of the time to absorb and tend to stay active longer.

Essentially, nano (minuscule) CBD particles can penetrate the blood/brain barrier quicker and the body can metabolize them more thoroughly. This makes the product about four times as potent as the alternative. Though nano products may be a bit pricier due to the added processing, their increased potency helps offset consumer cost.  

Qualities of the Best Hemp Gummy Manufacturer

If you want the best CBD hemp gummies in your store, then you need to hire the best hemp gummy manufacturer. As such, you should look for a supplier that uses high-quality ingredients and vegan-friendly options. They should also offer both white-label and private-label CBD products, which allows you to order pre-formulated gummies or develop brand-specific formulations that align with your company’s target audience. Contact us to learn more about our private-label hemp gummy manufacturing services or to place your custom gummy order.

Notably, great CBD supplier should also be reliable, affordable, reputable, and transparent. Additionally, they should engage in Good Manufacturing Practices and have all products third-party tested to confirm purity and potency. Expect accurate COAs and product labels with every order.

Closing Thoughts About Choosing a Hemp Gummy Manufacturer

Hemp gummies are an easy add-on to any product line thanks to their overwhelming popularity. Fortunately, VCM offers a variety of CBD gummies that are sure to dazzle your customers and keep them coming back for more. Choose from our standard formulations, nano CBD gummies, or contact us to discuss custom options.

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