3 Ways Hemp Innovation Continues to Push the Envelope

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Hemp Innovations Continue to Push the Envelope

The 2018 Farm Bill created the hemp industry as we know it today. Though the 2014 bill allowed select farmers to cultivate hemp for research, it wasn’t until 2018 that they could sell it commercially. Since then, Americans have witnessed tremendous hemp industry growth, including better consumer access, more expansive research, and a continuous flow of new, innovative products.

Today, we’ll look at the evolution of the hemp industry since the 2018 Farm Bill and then discuss what to expect moving forward.

A Closer Look at the 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the commercial sale of hemp and hemp derivatives — including cannabinoids and other elements – but only if sourced from approved hemp material. The bill also made it easier to research hemp, experiment with different hemp elements, and develop innovative products for various demographics.

What the bill did not do is legalize hemp across the board. Rather, it left hemp legislation at the discretion of individual jurisdictions with USDA approval. This, of course, takes time, and consumer demand simply will not wait. So, while lawmakers struggle to keep up with an evolving hemp market, innovative players will continue to create exciting new products that push the envelope and appeal to an ever-growing audience.

Exciting Innovations in the Hemp Industry

Recent hemp innovations have helped prove just how versatile the plant really is. Now that cannabinoids are federally legal, it seems hemp’s potential is endless. Here are some of the most exciting hemp innovations to watch for in the coming months.  

Intoxicating Hemp Cannabinoids

According to the Farm Bill, hemp and derivatives, including cannabinoids, extracts, isomers, and salts, are federally legal for commercial sale. What’s more, the DEA recently released a letter confirming that Delta 8, an intoxicating, semi-synthetic hemp cannabinoid, is not a controlled substance.

Essentially, the letter states that all hemp cannabinoids (synthetic or otherwise) are legal as long as the product itself contains no more than 0.3 percent D9 THC. That means that intoxicating hemp cannabinoid products containing Delta 8, Delta 10, HCC, and THCO are also federally legal. What’s more, these alternative CBD products are incredibly popular, especially in non-recreational states.

New Consumption Methods

Consumer goods that lean into things like cannabinoid bioavailability and overall consumer experience represent further hemp industry innovation. Essentially, hemp product manufacturers are developing products that employ unique consumption methods to deliver effective, enjoyable results. For example, consumers can now enjoy sublingual candies and oral strips, long-lasting hemp patches, and convenient D8 vapes.

Highly Targeted Products

CBD’s potential benefits are vast, but the reasons a consumer’s reason uses CBD are unique. What’s more, we’ve found that consumers prefer products that cater to their specific wellness goal rather than a single product that acts as a sort of catch-all option.

Consequently, manufacturers are now developing targeted products that support a single wellness goal – better sleep, calming, or physical comfort, for example – which often include additional ingredients to improve its effects. For example, VCM offers specially formulated hemp dry caps that include various botanicals and other natural extracts to improve absorption and contribute other therapeutic benefits.  

Final Thoughts About Hemp Innovation and Trajectory

We’ve been active participants in the hemp industry for years and have witnessed tremendous innovation in that time. We’re excited to expand our offerings in congruence with the hemp industry by producing innovative new products and infusing them with major, minor, and alternative cannabinoids.

Notably, many of our products include custom options to help you cater to your target market’s specific wellness goals. We understand the drive toward condition-specific CBD products and work closely with our manufacturing team to develop highly targeted, wonderfully effective hemp cannabinoid products for any market.

To learn more about VCM’s extensive product offering, download our catalog or contact us to discuss your hemp product goals. You can also follow us on social or join our newsletter for product updates, industry news, and more.

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