3 Hemp Marketing Tips Every CBD Professional Should Know

hemp marketing

Hemp Marketing is a tricky endeavor, but it is crucial for those who wish to manage a successful CBD hemp business. As a committed CBD product supplier, we aim to ensure that your hemp business is as successful as possible. As such, we thought we’d outline a few hemp marketing tips and tricks to help you achieve CBD industry success.

Important Considerations Regarding Hemp Marketing

Before we list our most effective CBD Hemp marketing strategies, we need to discuss some important considerations regarding hemp advertising. Notably, CBD hemp has only been federally legal for commercial sale since 2018. However, states hold ultimate jurisdiction over hemp laws in their areas, leaving a patchwork of hemp regulations across the nation. For example, whereas some states have rather lenient CBD hemp laws (if they meet federal regulations), others are much more restrictive. As such, hemp businesses must ensure that the products they sell meet both federal and local hemp laws. Generally, this should include verifiable test results, proper product labeling, and full disclosures regarding product use and application.

Hemp marketers must also remain abreast of platform-specific restrictions. For example, many popular search engines and social media channels restrict certain advertisement types, especially those that ‘promote drug use.’ Unfortunately, because non-intoxicating hemp so closely resembles intoxicating marijuana-type cannabis, many platforms view hemp and marijuana as one in the same. As such, it is generally wise to avoid images of people ingesting hemp products except through topical application.

Other important content restrictions apply across all marketing material, including web content, social media content, influencer comments, product packaging, and more. For example, companies must never claim that CBD in their products provides health benefits. They should never associate their product with diagnosable illnesses like anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, etc. and should never state (or even imply) that their product “treats,” “cures,” or “prevents” anything.

Effective Ways to Promote CBD Hemp Products

Social Media

Many CBD companies struggle with social media promotions. However, there are still many great ways to promote hemp products via social, many of which require little to no advertising fees. For example, businesses can use social media to network with leads and clients by offering valuable information in hemp groups and discussions.

Alternatively, businesses could create their own groups and encourage community discussion by sharing open-ended questions and hot conversation topics. This strategy is a great way to garner user-generated content (UGC), which can help keep groups active without much business involvement. However, remember that all marketing content must comply with federal hemp law. As such, group members may not make claims about the product aside from personal testimonies. We encourage group administrators to monitor content and only approve compliant information.

Finally, social media is a great avenue through which to cross-promote your products alongside another non-competitor brand. For example, companies that sell CBD wellness items could pair up with fitness instructors, diet companies, or self-improvement coaches.

The primary benefit of this hemp marketing strategy is to connect with other relevant audiences outside of your immediate social followers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process by which web developers and businesses optimize web content for easier search engine ranking. Basically, website owners populate their site with informative, keyword-friendly content that is easy to scan for relevancy. This serves well for search engines that must quickly determine which pages to display on their results page. Web content that search bots determine is most relevant receives top rank in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

Notably, proper keyword-friendly formatting is also important for busy readers looking for simple answers. If they can’t find what they need within a few seconds, they split. This action, called a “bounce,” represents website visitors that leave a website after visiting only one page. Importantly, an excessive bounce rate can hurt SEO, as well, because it suggests to search engines that the page is not valuable to most readers. This, unfortunately, can make hemp marketing very tricky. As such, the best way to win the SEO game is to publish informative, keyword-optimized content regularly, including call-to-actions (CTAs) telling the reader what to do next.

Hemp Marketing Via Email

Email is a great way to maintain a one-on-one connection with leads and customers. Fortunately, many email automation services help businesses do so automatically. For example, a business can send highly targeted emails to clients, leads, and email subscribers whenever they like based on specific actions they take. Companies can pre-build emails to send when someone makes a purchase, requests more information, abandons their shopping cart, and more. Notably, the ROI of an effective email marketing strategy is roughly $42 for every dollar spent, according to some estimates.

Though many popular email service providers prefer not to work with CBD companies, others like Klaviyo welcome the opportunity. Other great email service providers for hemp companies include Omnisend, Moosend, and DotDigital.

The Best Hemp Marketing Strategy: Awesome Products

No matter which hemp marketing strategies you employ, the best method is always an awesome product. Great CBD hemp products attract return buyers who also become advocates. Notably, word-of-mouth promotions are incredibly effective, bringing in up to five times more sales than paid ads. According to this Review42 article, 86% of respondents trust personal recommendations, making it the most trusted form of advertising available. Notably, an easy way to collect reviews is to simply ask for them. Using the same mail marketing strategies listed in the previous point, companies can send triggered emails asking for social reviews after a predesignated time passes after purchase.

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