CBD Oral Strips Wholesale; What Retailers Should Know

hemp oral strips

CBD oral strips are an exciting new product on the wholesale hemp market. Notably, these oral strips are a deliciously convenient way to consume hemp-based cannabinoids anywhere. Now, brands can easily add precisely dosed dissolvable cannabinoid mouth strips to their product lines in a variety of flavors and cannabinoid profiles. What better way to pull in a crowd than with an exciting new hemp product? And friends, hemp oral strips certainly fit that bill.

What are Hemp Oral Strips?

Hemp oral strips are dissolvable strips made of polymers, flavors, and sweeteners that are infused with hemp-based cannabinoids. CBD is a common hemp mouth strip additive as are alternative (intoxicating) cannabinoids like delta 8 and HHC.

Notably, CBD oral strips dissolve fully in the mouth, ensuring that cannabinoids also absorb sublingually. Consequently, hemp oral strips can take effect quicker and produce more profound results compared to other (metabolized) hemp edibles.

Why Add CBD Oral Strips to Your Product Line

With so many hemp companies on the market, it’s important for brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. One excellent way to do this is by introducing exciting new products like our high-quality hemp oral strips. To be clear, CBD oral strips are part of a much larger hemp edibles market, which accounted for roughly $20.47B in sales in 2021. Though hemp gummies made up a large portion of those sales, there is a growing interest in more innovative hemp edible products.

To that end, consumers are also more interested in natural wellness items, especially healthier options like those with less sugar and fewer ingredients. Consumers are also more likely to experiment with various cannabinoid options beyond CBD, including minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG as well as alternative cannabinoids like hemp D9 and delta 10. Hemp oral strips include all of these qualities and more!

On top of that, hemp strips are effective and affordable for both the retailer and the end consumer. They also have a relatively long shelf-life and amazing potential as a hot holiday product. In other words, brands who wish to stay ahead of the competition should buy CBD oral strips wholesale ASAP!

Things to Consider When Buying Alt Cannabinoid Oral Strips

Alternative cannabinoid retailers must be aware of variable alt cannabinoid laws in America. Though federal law allows alternative cannabinoid sales, local jurisdictions maintain ultimate authority over cannabinoid laws in their areas. As such, hemp laws vary significantly throughout the nation and retailers cannot distribute alternative cannabinoids in restricted areas. 

Though specific regulations differ throughout the nation, it generally boils down to stricter dosing regulations, distribution laws, and public perceptions. Importantly, alternative hemp cannabinoid laws constantly evolve and so, too, must retail distribution practices. Please reference this article for a summary of alternative cannabinoid laws throughout the nation and check local government pages for details.

Buy White-Label Hemp CBD Oral Strips from VCM

Hemp mouth strips are about to be huge! These innovative dissolvable mouth films have many appealing features, which is sure to make them top sellers for many years to come.

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