Hemp Patches: What They Are and Why You Need Some

hemp patches

Hemp Patches are a wildly popular hemp cannabinoid product that allows consumers to reap the benefits of cannabinoids and other beneficial elements for long periods without smoking or eating the product. They are basically band-aid-like products infused with a special combination of ingredients designed to deeply penetrate the skin and bloodstream for many hours. What’s more, these products are easily removable should a user wish to stop feeling its effects.

Today, we’ll explain what hemp patches are, discuss how they work, then outline some of the best hemp patches to sell in retail stores nationwide.

What are Hemp Patches?

Hemp Patches are transdermal patches that slowly release hemp cannabinoids and other elements into the body through the skin. They include four basic parts: a fabric backing, a drug layer, an adhesive layer (which may be mixed into the drug layer), and a removable liner that protects the product from contamination before use.

Unlike most other hemp topicals, hemp patches can penetrate the blood-brain barrier to produce whole-body effects. Depending on the cannabinoids involved, hemp patches could help reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, or boost immune system functioning.

How do Hemp Extract Patches Work?

Hemp extract patches affix to the skin where they slowly release a precise flow of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. Notably, hemp patches are specially formulated to penetrate the blood-brain barrier thanks to special carrier agents that help usher lipophilic (fat-loving) cannabinoids into hydrophilic (water-loving) cells. These oily solubilisers help carry CBD and other cannabinoids across skin layers and into the bloodstream where they can circulate for 12 hours or more depending on the dose size and carrier agent used.

How to Use Cannabinoid Patches

Hemp patches are wonderfully easy to use. Simply peel off the protective backing then place the sticky patch to the skin. Importantly, these extract patches work best when affixed somewhere with minimal fat layers, so the cannabinoids have to travel less distance before taking effect. Some of the best places to stick a hemp patch include the wrist, ankle, or the back of the neck.

Consumers should feel the effects of hemp patches within minutes of application and will likely experience continued effects for hours thereafter. What’s more, users can remove the patch at any time to cease effects, which is especially beneficial for those who find themselves uncomfortably sensitive to the effects of cannabinoids. This gives the consumer ultimate control over their experience, unlike edibles or smokables that have to work themselves out of one’s system.

What to Expect from CBD Extract Patches

As mentioned, CBD extract patches deliver hours of whole-body cannabinoid relief. However, the specific effects of a hemp patch largely depend on its cannabinoid profile and extended ingredients list. For example, some patches come infused with ingredients that help minimize pain while others include special elements intended to promote sleep.

Types of CBD Patches

There are many types of CBD patches businesses can sell in their stores, which is perfect for those who distribute to specific target demographics. Below is a list of common hemp patch types, which VCM can gladly help you produce.

Immunity Patches

Immunity Patches are CBD patches infused with cannabidiol and other immune-boosting elements like ginseng and elderberry. These patches are great for those who want to maintain a healthy immune system. They may also boost immune functions to ward off illness.

Menstrual Patches

Menstrual CBD Patches are a must-have for anyone who caters to menstruating people. (They also make a great monthly CBD subscription option!) Shoppers love how they help balance mood and body temperature fluctuations and minimize cramping and bloating. The best part: they provide hours of relief without the stomach strain that other OTC pain meds can cause.

Sleep Patches

Sleep Patches are specialty hemp patches designed to help consumers fall asleep and stay asleep without any groggy sensations later. They include a variety of natural sleep-promoting botanicals, including cannabidiol, lavender, chamomile, melatonin, and magnesium. Essentially, all of these elements work together to ensure users get thorough rest when they want it.

Sports Patches

Sports Patches include special pain-relieving components in addition to CBD and other minor cannabinoids. These athletic patches increase endurance and speed healing after exercise. This helps athletes perform their best without ingesting prohibited substances Importantly, this applies to broad-spectrum and CBD isolate patches, only, as THC is still a prohibited substance according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape is a unique hemp patch designed to reduce pressure on the joints and reduce swelling in the area. The custom-colored hemp strips put pressure on the joints to help reduce irritation. At the same time, the CBD helps ease swelling that can worsen the issue.

Choosing the Best Hemp Patch for Your Store

Hemp patches are among a variety of trending products that can help set one store aside from the next. In this competitive industry, it’s vital to have products that are both unique and targeted to a very specific demographic. Fortunately, CBD patches meet both of those criteria and are easily distributed with custom branding.

A great way to determine the best CBD patches to sell, product buyers should strongly consider who their target market is, what problems they can resolve, and what messaging can help reach them in the first place.

Contact us if you’d like to brainstorm some of the best CBD patches for your store.

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