Hemp Vs. Marijuana CBD

hemp vs. marijuana cbd

Hemp Vs. Marijuana CBD — CBD is a potent chemical with profound therapeutic potential. And because it develops in cannabis flowers, the element is relatively easy to source – it literally grows out of the ground.

However, only hemp-type CBD is federally legal and available for commercial sale; CBD sourced from marijuana-type cannabis is not. Moreover, marijuana-based CBD products may contain elevated THC levels, which could cause intoxication or produce a failed drug test.

So, what exactly is CBD? And why is it so important for consumers and product manufacturers to understand its source? Let’s take a closer look at hemp vs. marijuana CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that develops in cannabis flowers. When ingested, it interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System to help control the flow of information within and between cells. In doing, CBD may help the body naturally address stressors associated with pain, sleep patterns, mood, and more. In fact, the FDA even approved one CBD-based drug called Epidiolex to help combat rare types of pediatric epilepsy.

Hemp Vs. Marijuana CBD

Hemp and marijuana are both varieties of the plant Cannabis Sativa. The primary difference between hemp and marijuana is the plants’ final THC content, which determines the likelihood of intoxication. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3 percent THC, whereas marijuana plants have more. Simply put, hemp is a nonintoxicating form of cannabis, and marijuana is intoxicating cannabis.

Notably, CBD develops in both nonintoxicating hemp-type cannabis and intoxicating marijuana-type cannabis. However, only hemp-based CBD is federally legal. The FDA still classifies marijuana as a controlled substance due to its higher THC levels. Importantly, anything sourced from marijuana – even pure CBD isolate – is also a federally prohibited controlled substance. Hence, the only difference between hemp vs. marijuana CBD is its source.

Though some states have legalized intoxicating cannabis in some capacity, marijuana-based products must remain within the confines of the state or jurisdiction. In other words, it is illegal to ship or otherwise transport marijuana-based CBD products across state lines.

Hemp Farming Then and Now

For years, hemp farmers grew plants for grain and fiber while marijuana growers produced cannabinoid-rich female flowers. Then, in 2018 the USDA approved the latest Farm Bill legalizing hemp CBD, thereby opening the door for commercial sale. Consequently, many farmers entered the CBD space by turning their focus to feminized hemp cultivation.

However, it is much more challenging to cultivate cannabinoid hemp than it is fiber or grain hemp. Often, farmers who enter the space with minimal growing experience have difficulty producing potent compliant hemp CBD products. This is not to say they won’t try, though, highlighting the importance of careful CBD products supplier selection. Those who have grown CBD hemp successfully for at least four or five seasons are generally the best CBD product suppliers to partner with.

Key Differences Between Hemp Vs. Marijuana CBD

There are two main differences between hemp vs. marijuana CBD: legality and possible THC levels. Those who wish to start a CBD business or add CBD products to their retail stores must understand these differences when choosing a CBD product supplier and marketing CBD products to the public.

Notably, marijuana-based CBD products are heavily restricted, which disqualifies them from national commercial sales. As such, the best CBD products to sell at scale are hemp-based products with proof of federal compliance.

Closing Thoughts

CBD products are increasing in popularity, making it an excellent time to start a CBD business or source CBD products for retail sale. However, those who wish to sell CBD nationally must ensure that the products they choose are from hemp plants only. Moreover, all products should include proof of compliance, including CBD source. When given the option of hemp vs. marijuana CBD, online and multi-state retailers should always opt for hemp CBD products sourced from reputable hemp vendors.

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