How to Become a Top CBD Brand

Become a Top CBD Brand

How to Become a Top CBD Brand – With thousands of different CBD brands on the market, many find it hard to stand out. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to establish your company as a top CBD brand. Today, we’ll outline eight tips you can use to build your CBD brand. But first, let’s discuss the difference between branding and marketing.

CBD Branding Versus CBD Marketing

CBD branding is the process of establishing a company identity, whereas marketing involves brand and product promotion. Branding includes things like company culture, mission statement, and target audience as well as graphic elements like logos, fonts, and color palates.

On the other hand, marketing refers to the things like marketing strategies, materials, campaigns, and other ways your brand interacts with your target audience. Though a strong hemp marketing strategy is crucial for business success, CBD branding ensures that all of those marketing efforts are cohesive to the company’s underlying identity.

Tips to Become a Top CBD Brand

Establishing a recognizable company brand is a crucial first step in any business endeavor. Indeed, a business should establish its brand identity long before the first label prints or the first email sends. Use these eight tips to make sure your CBD branding kicks off with a bang.

Tip #1: Establish Your Mission Statement

A brand’s mission statement is a simple one- or two-line statement outlining a brand’s purpose, objective, and services. The mission statement should be action-oriented and describe the who, what, and why behind a brand’s purpose. Importantly, it’s much easier to build other brand assets when you start with a mission statement.

Tip #2: Understand Your Target Audience

Mission statement in mind, take time to delve deeper into the characteristics that make up your target audience. Create buyer personas outlining each type of person most likely to engage with your brand, then determine their pain points, preferred communication channels, and information they find most valuable. When you thoroughly understand your target audience, you can build a better brand to suit their needs.

Tip #3: Use Consistent Graphics, Messages, and Language

You’re about to embark on a massive journey as you create countless assets to promote your company. Product labels, packaging, website graphics, email newsletters, blogs, tee-shirts – whatever marketing materials you use must all include the same basic graphic elements. Logos, fonts, color palates, and tone of voice must match the company identity on all assets. Cohesive imagery and language will help your brand become more recognizable and ensure that all assets remain under the same company umbrella.

Tip #4: Communicate Through Multiple Channels

People prefer different communication channels. For example, some prefer email, others social media or internet searches, while many more consume information across all three. As such, it’s wise to connect with your audience through the communication channels they’re most likely to use.  What’s more, communication should follow the basic trends of each platform and adhere to all restrictions and regulations.

For example, if your audience frequents Facebook, then you could share some discussion-worthy memes and articles. If your audience is more active on Instagram, then you should share more image-heavy material. Finally, if your audience engages in email communications, then an occasional newsletter or promotional email might suffice. Just remember, whatever avenue you choose, always ensure your content complies with federal and platform protocol.

Tip #5: Educate and Inspire

No one wants to be swindled, but they do want to be sold! As such, it’s important to share educational material that inspires your target audience in some way. Sure, you could motivate them to purchase your products or services, but this is only a small part of why your company will become a Top CBD Brand. Instead of constant sales pieces, think of other ways you can provide value to your target audience.

You could populate a blog with useful information or offer a free e-book for an email address. The point is to go above and beyond the CBD products and services you provide through education, inspiration, or conversation. This is not only good for hemp product marketing, but for brand-building, as well, because it establishes your reputation and gives followers something to rave about.

Tip #6: Grow Your Network

The best way to become a top CBD brand is to get out there and make yourself known. One easy way to do this is through networking opportunities like industry events, MeetUps, and social groups. Don’t be shy when it comes to introducing your business. Countless people want what you have and many of them hang out in the same places waiting to hear from you.

Remember though, networking is not selling; it’s connecting. Instead of hitting events with a sales pitch, simply connect with fellow businesses and individuals. Learn about them and perhaps establish a symbiotic relationship. Track all connections in a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) platform using tags to help you navigate quickly, then connect those contacts with appropriate entities (yours or someone else’s) to solidify a valuable connection. When you help others without seeking to directly benefit, they will remember you and refer you to their peers when the opportunity arises.

Tip #7: Offer Unique, High-Quality Products

Consumers have countless CBD product options. If you want your brand to stand out, then you must offer unique, high-quality CBD products that are true to your mission statement and valuable to your consumers. Many companies begin with a single flagship product, which they use to frame their business and fund future growth.

Of course, if you want to expand your product line quickly, you can always outsource white- and private-label CBD products. Outsourcing allows you to offer new products without undergoing the Product Development phase. This is important because it saves time and money, and reduces the risk of customer disapproval.

Tip #8: Always Maintain Product and Content Compliance

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you must always ensure that your products, services, and marketing content are compliant with local and federal law. Notably, CBD companies must adhere to many strict compliance issues including proper labelling, testing, and advertising. As such, anything that launches under a company’s brand umbrella must also comply lest the brand becomes tarnished with a bad reputation.

Final Thoughts on How to Become a Top CBD Brand

You’ve got an awesome CBD business. Make sure everyone knows it by using these tips to become a top CBD brand.

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