Marketing Hemp Products Dos and Don’ts

Marketing Hemp Products

Marketing hemp products is a tricky business. Unfortunately, many popular advertising platforms restrict CBD promotions, forcing hemp companies to modify their strategies accordingly. Even then, CBD business owners must ensure all marketing materials are compliant, including all forward-facing images, statements, and implications regardless of who creates and shares them. Essentially, all marketing materials must be FDA compliant, including user-generated content if it’s used for marketing purposes.  

Marketing Hemp Products Dos and Don’ts

So, how does one market hemp CBD products effectively without breaking compliance laws? To do that, consider the following hemp marketing dos and don’ts.

Do: Know your audience

Let’s be clear: you are not simply selling CBD products; you are selling the benefit your products bring to a specific audience. To do this effectively, you must understand who they are, what they seek, and the ways in which you can help. For example, if your primary audience includes athletes, you might offer CBD-infused Kinesiology Tape. On the other hand, those who prefer daily supplement-style options might prefer highly-targeted PGF CBD products. Once you’ve determined your target audience, you can build a product line that supports their overall wellness goals.

Don’t: Inflate the truth

If your target audience includes pet owners seeking pain relief for their pets, then you could sell CBD-infused pet tinctures with great success. You cannot, however, suggest that CBD will resolve their pain problems or produce any other medical benefit – CBD is not FDA-approved to treat these conditions.

Do: Know your product

The most crucial element of CBD hemp compliance is accurate product information. Your customers should know exactly how much CBD is in a package and a serving size, plus other crucial information like product ingredients, THC levels, warnings and disclaimers, and more. This level of transparency is not only reassuring to the customer but a vital component of hemp marketing compliance.

Don’t: Cut corners

There are too many CBD brands competing for sales for you to cut corners now! Indeed, the businesses with the best staying power are those that offer predictable, high-quality products. Notably, the FDA continues to discover CBD products with inaccurate labeling or inconsistent cannabinoid concentrations. Fortunately, you can keep your company out of the heat when outsourcing your CBD supply chain with us.  

Do: Know local hemp laws

Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal for commercial production and sale. However, local jurisdictions get the final say over hemp laws in their areas, some of which are more restrictive than others. Ensure hemp marketing compliance by only advertising to those who live in areas where the product types you sell are legal. Importantly, virtual stores and brick-and-mortar locations must often adhere to a different protocol. Always refer to local hemp legislation before launching an online CBD store or in-person location.

Don’t: Sell non-hemp products

Hemp CBD is federally legal; CBD sourced from marijuana is not. To be clear, hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis. However, hemp produces less than 0.3 percent THC, and “marijuana” produces THC above that level. This is important because THC is technically a Schedule I substance, which suggests it has no medical value and a high potential for abuse. Hence, anything that comes from marijuana is illegal, even processors remove all THC from the final product. In other words, when sourcing CBD, make sure it comes from hemp and not marijuana.

Do: Enlist the help of CBD supply chain experts

Running a successful CBD business is a lot of work. You must stay on top of marketing and branding while ensuring that your products are stocked and shipped on time. What’s more, you must do all of this while remaining extremely compliant and consistent with your products and services. That’s a lot to take on as a small business owner! Fortunately, we here at VCM can help reduce your burden by managing your entire CBD supply chain. With decades of experience and a massive network of hemp industry experts, we can help relieve the pressure of CBD business ownership.

Don’t: Go at it alone

Your CBD business deserves great success, and you deserve the support necessary to make it happen. Enlist the help of VCM to ensure your shelves stay stocked with high-quality, compliant hemp CBD products. Together with our close network of industry professionals, we can provide the perfect CBD products for your brand and your audience.

Final Thoughts About Marketing Hemp Products Dos and Don’ts

Regardless of where you are in your CBD business journey, you must understand these vital marketing hemp products dos and don’ts. Once you’ve outlined your strategy and determined your audience, call us to discuss the best CBD products for your store.

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