6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Nano CBD Supplier

nano cbd supplier

Your brand needs a nano CBD supplier. To be clear, nano products are not new – processors have been using nanotechnology for decades to improve chemical absorption and improve the dosing accuracy of many pharmaceutical-grade substances. Now, manufacturers are using that same technology to process cannabinoids, thus making them more absorbent and potent.

The resulting nano CBD trend has caught on like wildfire with an estimated increased market value of $14.91B by 2025, up from $6.78B in 2016. To be a successful CBD brand, you must stay ahead of this curve. That’s why you need a great nano CBD supplier.

Today, we’ll list five reasons consumers love nano CBD products then outline a few things to look for when choosing a nano CBD supplier. But first, let’s discuss what nano CBD is and why it’s so special in the first place.

What is Nano CBD?

As the name implies, nano CBD is just tiny CBD particles. So tiny, in fact, that they can penetrate the blood/brain barrier with significantly greater efficiency than standard CBD products.

Notably, CBD itself is hydrophobic, meaning it does not easily absorb into water (which constitutes more than 90 percent of our blood). As such, cannabinoids like CBD do not absorb into the bloodstream easily, with as much as 60 percent getting lost during first-pass metabolism. This low bioavailability has many people seeking alternatives to traditional CBD edibles.

Enter Nano Technology.

Essentially, by processing CBD into very fine particles (between 1 and 100 nanometers large), manufacturers can improve the products’ bioavailability. They also coat the tiny particles with nanostructured lipid carriers to keep the powder from clumping back together and to help usher the lipophilic cannabinoid through cell walls. This means more CBD can absorb into the bloodstream and stay active longer than traditional CBD edibles.

6 Reasons Consumers Love Nano CBD Products (And You Will, Too!)

Still unsure whether to add nano CBD to your CBD product line? Here are the top six reasons consumers will love you for it if you do.


According to this 2018 study, nano CBD showed an increased bioavailability of more than 100 percent compared to sublingual sprays. The increased bioavailability resulted in a faster onset, longer duration, and 1.6 times higher cannabinoid plasma levels.


Don’t let the higher price tag fool you! Though nano products tend to cost more to produce and sell, their improved efficiency more than makes up for the slightly increased product price. In fact, many consumers actually save money when buying nano products because they take effect quicker and last longer.


Nano’s increased potency also means longer activity. As such, consumers need only take their nano CBD products once or twice daily. This benefit is especially valuable for those who require frequent cannabinoid consumption otherwise. In other words, long-lasting nano products are more convenient than many traditional CBD products.

More Predictable Results

Consuming nano products tends to produce more predictable results compared to other hemp product types thanks to its superior bioavailability. Essentially, nano’s thorough absorption also improves bio-distribution, or its ability to absorb into more target areas than the alternative. Nanotechnology also helps standardize dosing so that every nano CBD tablet will deliver the exact same cannabinoid ratios into the bloodstream each time.


Technically, CBD is not hydrophilic (i.e. it doesn’t absorb into water). However, when processed using nanotechnology, the substance evenly distributes into liquid substances. As such, manufacturers and consumers can mix nano CBD powders into beverages or other liquids and then drink them. Notably, CBD beverages are one of the quickest growing trends in the hemp space.


Nano CBD products are wonderfully popular, with a massive projected market increase. Nano’s popularity largely relates to its improved efficiency, but also due to an increase in social awareness of the substance. As public perception continues to rise regarding nano CBD technology, so will the demand for a reliable nano CBD supplier.

What to Look for in a Nano CBD Supplier

There is no standard for what constitutes “nano CBD” aside from the fact that the particles are small. How small varied between nano CBD supplier, and could range anywhere from 50 nanometers to 100 nanometers. Lipid encapsulation methods also vary between distributors, which may alter the effectiveness of the product.

To find a great nano CBD supplier, you must seek one with verifiable potency information. Consumer reviews are helpful, but actual documentation regarding their product’s potency and purity is ideal.

Why Choose VCM as Your Go-To Nano CBD Supplier

VCM is proud to introduce nano CBD into our product line. We offer nano tinctures for improved bioavailability and potency.

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