5 Ways Outsourcing CBD Product Supply Helps Brands Scale

Outsourcing CBD Supply

Outsourcing CBD supply is a fast and easy way to scale any hemp business. Importantly, brands that outsource their CBD product supply will save time and money while also ensuring consistently high quality and predictable product delivery. What’s more, a great hemp supplier can help hemp brands bring new products to market quicker than in-house development with fewer resources or contact points necessary.

Today, we’ll outline five ways outsourcing CBD supply helps brands scale. But first, let’s discuss what to expect from a hemp product supplier.

What to Expect from a CBD Supplier

CBD supply chain companies like VCM CBD can help brands come to market with new, unique, and trending CBD hemp products. A great CBD supplier should be familiar with local and national hemp laws and provide clear proof of product compliance every step of the way.

Additionally, a CBD supplier should always deliver prompt service following the exact specifications you agree upon in your deal. Some things to consider when sourcing a CBD supplier include minimum order quantities (MOQs), average lead times, branding capabilities, and delivery consistency. For example, if a brand wants to introduce a new CBD product, it should choose a hemp supply company that can reliably deliver incredible CBD products with low MOQs.

5 Ways Outsourcing CBD Supply Can Help Hemp Brands Scale

CBD brands must act fast within the quickly evolving hemp landscape. With countless competitors trying to reach similar audiences, it can be difficult to remain relevant let alone scale a CBD business!

That’s where a great CBD supplier comes in.

Essentially, brands can hire qualified CBD suppliers to help them introduce new product lines quickly and affordably, thereby scaling their hemp business with minimal risk or financial investment. What’s more, buying small-batch CBD wholesale products allows businesses to test the market, modify their product, and plan an effective marketing strategy before purchasing more substantial inventory. The following are a few more ways CBD suppliers can help scale a hemp business.

Brand Differentiation

CBD suppliers can help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors by producing and packaging unique products on the brand’s behalf. As such, hemp companies can leverage their CBD product supplier’s resources and skillsets to introduce new products that are both unique and appealing to their niche market.

Product Flexibility

Hemp product manufacturers produce excellent hemp products with many unique specifications. This means that brands can request custom formulated products aimed exclusively at their audience, instead of standard white-label CBD products that anyone with proper licensing can acquire.  

Quality Control

Outsourcing the hemp manufacturing process ensures brands will consistently deliver the exact same product to their consumers every time they buy them. Shoppers appreciate products’ predictability and brands appreciate how consistent the product production and delivery process is.

Low-Cost Production

Outsourcing CBD supply to an experienced manufacturing company helps brands bypass many production costs, including the cost of ingredients, machinery, packaging material, product testing, and more.

Reliable Delivery

Brands never have to worry about maintaining their inventory when outsourcing CBD products to a reputable supply chain manager. Instead, a great manufacturer should deliver their hemp products on time and on spec every single time.

How Outsourcing CBD Supply Can Help Hemp Brands Scale, Closing Thoughts

Great hemp brands need great hemp products! Fortunately, it’s easy to add exciting new products to a brand’s product line without much risk or financial investment.  

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