Introducing PGF CBD Powder

PGF CBD Powder

PGF CBD powder represents the latest in CBD processing technology. Essentially, scientists process hemp (or any other botanical) concentrates into precise, measurable powders. They then test the powder to determine exactly which elements are in it and at what concentrations. Next, processors use simple math to mix and match different powders to develop highly targeted and incredibly accurate plant-based supplements.

What is PGF CBD Powder?

PGF CBD powder is the product of finely processed hemp oil. Notably, processors can use any extract to produce the substance, which results in a chemically unique flowable powder. For example, full-spectrum hemp oil, which contains all chemical elements, including up to 0.3 percent THC, will still contain all these elements after processing. All cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are reduced within the powder, and the final product will maintain the same scents and colors. CBD isolate, on the other hand, will produce an odorless white powder because isolate does not contain terpenes or flavonoids.  

After producing the powder, processors carefully calculate, measure, and mix the substance with other powders to create unique botanical blends for specific, targeted outcomes. Finally, processors stamp the dry powder into capsules or chewable tablets for easy, accurate consumption.

What Makes PGF CBD Powder so Special?

PGF CBD Powder boasts incredible potential for consumers and the medical community alike. The highly processed substance allows processors to create widely unique botanical profiles with incredible consistency. Whether for public consumption or research studies, this ability to fine-tune the ingredients and potency in each PGF CBD product helps guarantee a predictable outcome.

What’s more, PGF CBD powder processors understand differing bioavailability and can create products that cater to specific consumption methods. For example, dry capsules, such as those offered by VCM CBD, are designed to metabolize and therefore contain higher cannabinoid concentrations than sublingual chewables have. Essentially, processors create PGF CBD products with both ingestion method and outcome objective in mind.

Notably, possible botanical combinations are endless. Moreover, we can now more accurately study the effects of different elements on the body. We may also be able to study the Entourage Effect theory in more detail with this recent cannabinoid technology advancement.

Is PGF CBD Powder Medicinal?

Importantly, PGF CBD Powder is not a pharmaceutical product. However, the standards by which processors make the product is pharmaceutical quality. By processing hemp extracts into measurable, flowable powders, manufacturers can create unique blends that contain the exact cannabinoid/terpene/flavonoid ratios they seek.

This improved product consistency is great for CBD store owners who want to feature unique, highly targeted products. However, it is also ideal for researchers who must test and re-test theories regarding specific cannabinoids and other botanical elements. Prior to PGF CBD flower technology, cannabinoid studies lacked accuracy because the chemical composition of tested products was inconsistent.

Add PGF CBD Powder to Your Product Line

VCM is excited to announce our new CBD product line: PGF CBD Powder. We’ve got many exciting white label formulas, including Deep Sleep, Morning Focus, Wellness Immune Support, Inflammation Relief, and Relax capsules. We also feature the unique product Cannabinoid Delight, which includes an even mix of four key hemp-based cannabinoids.

We require a 4–6-week lead time with a minimum 500 bottles per order. Contact us to learn more or download our product catalog now.

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