Popular Hemp Topicals You Should Sell in Your Retail Store

Popular Hemp Topicals

Popular Hemp Topicals – Hemp topicals are incredibly popular, especially among those who seek targeted, location-specific relief. However, for a brand to choose the best hemp topicals to represent them, they must consider which popular hemp topicals will sell best amongst their target audience.

Today, we’ll outline some popular hemp topicals to sell under your unique brand name and then help you choose the best products for your audience. But first, let’s quickly discuss what hemp topicals are in the first place.

Explaining Hemp Topicals

Hemp topicals are hemp products that work by penetrating the skin instead of the lungs, stomach, or mouth. Cannabinoid-infused hemp topicals like CBD lotions and patches may help support the Endocannabinoid System, which is a body system designed to regulate stress responses and minimize their effects.

When applied topically, these hemp products can absorb deep into the skin where they interact with cannabinoid receptors through pores and hair follicles. In doing, topical cannabinoid products could help minimize imperfections, reduce muscle and joint inflammation, and maintain healthy, well-balanced skin.

Though most topical hemp absorption stops at the dermis, some products (like hemp patches) can also penetrate the blood-brain barrier to transport cannabinoids throughout the rest of the body, as well. As such, these topical products may improve mood, sleep quality, immune system strength, and overall pain tolerance.

Popular Hemp Topicals You Should Sell in Your Store

Topical cannabinoid products are hot sellers across America, with about 42 percent of consumers buying into the hemp topical trend. This is obviously a great opportunity for cannabinoid brands to capture an expanding audience, especially by offering popular, unique, or novel hemp products. Here are a few of the most popular hemp topicals you might consider selling under your CBD brand name.

Lotions and Balms

Lotions and balms are some of the most popular hemp topicals on the market today. They include a massive array of oil-based products that one can apply to the skin and massage in place. Notably, CBD lotions and balms come in many consistencies ranging from creamy liquids to waxy solids, which makes proper packaging crucial for optimal access. If your brand wants to introduce CBD hemp balms or lotions to your product line-up, then consider the product’s purpose, packaging, and performance to determine the best CBD topical for you.


Roll-on CBD products are oil-based liquids that come in an easy-to-apply roll-on applicator. These products are often infused with additional ingredients and perfumes to accentuate performance potential and to make the product more attractive to consumers. For example, VCM’s Essential Oil Roll-On includes select essential oils that can help relieve headaches and promote relaxation. What’s more, our gel roll-on also includes menthol to help soothe aching muscles on contact.


Hemp patches are fabric patches infused with hemp cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds. These patches also include a sticky backing by which to affix the patch to the skin so they can slowly release these elements through the skin and into the bloodstream. In doing, hemp patches can produce effects for up to 48 hours, which may include pain relief, mood elevation, sleep support, and more.

Notably, unlike other types of hemp topicals, patches can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, thereby allowing cannabinoids to travel throughout the entire body instead of remaining localized. This makes hemp cannabinoid patches incredibly appealing to those who suffer from persistent discomforts and require consistent, predictable relief.

Self-Care Items

Hemp topical self-care items are incredibly popular given how natural and effective the products are. To be clear, the wellness industry is massive, accounting for roughly $1.5 trillion in global spending each year. What’s more, those who purchase wellness products prefer items that are natural, clean, effective, and approved by their favorite influencers. Hemp self-care items fit this bill perfectly.

Essentially, hemp self-care topicals include things like facial serums, bath bombs, massage oils, and other intimate products. These items don’t just help people feel better, but they also make them feel better about themselves. These are products that buyers enjoy using and may actually plan their schedule around them. As such, hemp self-care topicals are great items to sell in places like spas and wellness boutiques.

Minor and Alt Cannabinoid-Infused Topicals

Some hemp topicals also include other cannabinoids besides CBD. For example, VCM’s Wellness Salve includes both CBD and CBG, while some patches include alternative cannabinoids like delta 8 and D10. Notably, alternative and minor cannabinoid topicals provide enhanced benefit by including additional therapeutic elements besides just CBD. These products are great for those who seek more well-rounded relief for their topical skin conditions.

Choosing the Best Hemp Topicals for Your CBD Brand

With countless hemp topicals available, it’s important to choose the best topical CBD products for your brand very carefully. Begin by analyzing your target demographic, including pain points, purchase preferences, expendable budget, and so on. Next, determine which hemp topicals best match your brand’s mission statement and estimate how much of the product you’ll need to kick off our new product launch.

Finally, find a hemp product supplier that can deliver your preferred product quickly and affordably, preferably with relatively low MOQs and fast lead times to ensure the product stays stocked without taking over your entire inventory.

Buy White- and Private-Label Hemp Topicals from VCM CBD

VCM offers a wide selection of white-label and private-label hemp topicals. We also offer low MOQs and fast lead times on most items and can package our products using your labels and packing preferences, as well.

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