Private Label CBD Product Provider: Do You Need One?

private label cbd provider

A Private Label CBD Provider makes it easy for almost anyone to own and operate a CBD retail store. By outsourcing private label products, shop owners can reliably stock their shelves with new and unique items without having to reinvent the wheel to produce them. What’s more, a great private label CBD provider will help ensure that all of the hemp-based products you sell are compliant with local and federal standards. In other words, when you hire an experienced private label CBD provider, the CBD products you sell will always be compliant and in line with your unique brand.

What is Private Label CBD?

Private label CBD refers to CBD products specially formulated for a specific brand. Many industries offer private label products, including food, supplements, and cosmetics. However, only private label CBD providers can ensure that products are federally compliant and sourced from the best CBD hemp flowers available.

Difference Between White Label and Private Label CBD Provider

White-label products are standard formulations that suppliers sell to businesses as-is, which retailers then sell directly to the consumer after slapping their own label on them. Private-label products, on the other hand, are items specially formulated for one specific brand following collaboration between the company and their CBD manufacturer.

Many CBD suppliers offer both white-label and private-label products. Though brands can certainly benefit from both, only private-label products include ingredients specially chosen for a specific brand. Private-label products are often more expensive than the alternative, however, because the development process requires extensive collaboration and choice ingredients. Private label CBD products may also require a longer lead time and include higher MOQs, though much depends on the CBD supplier.

Who Can Benefit from a Private Label CBD Product Provider?

Notably, many brands outsource product manufacturing. When it comes to the hemp industry, hiring a white-label or private label CBD provider is often key to launching, scaling, and maintaining strong, reputable cannabinoid-focused brands. The following business types could substantially benefit from hiring a private label CBD provider.

CBD Start-Ups

CBD product suppliers make it easy for almost anyone to launch a CBD start-up. What’s more, they need little more than an idea and a strong marketing plan. Importantly, great private label CBD suppliers work directly with brands to create unique products unlike anything else.

Notably, CBD start-ups should seek experienced hemp professionals who work closely with all facets of the supply chain. They should also look for CBD suppliers with low MOQs, easily traceable records, and a strong reputation among clients and peers.

Growing Hemp Businesses

Anyone ready to scale a hemp brand can easily do so with a private-label CBD company. Essentially, a Private Label CBD provider helps businesses add unique cannabinoid products to their already-successful product line. A private-label CBD provider expedites the process by ensuring products are consistent, branded, and ready for their big rollout.

A formulation expert should help a business develop new products that meet brand standards and industry regulations. They must also fill all orders promptly without ever jeopardizing consistency.

Large Corporations

Even brands that are not centered on CBD can benefit from a private-label CBD provider. In fact, large corporations often introduce one or two CBD products to their existing line. Generally, they do this to appeal to a wider demographic. For example, brands might hire a CBD private-label supplier to develop Delta 8 wholesale items for people who are curious about alternative (intoxicating) cannabinoid products.

Importantly, qualified CBD product providers should be able to fill both large and small orders.

Choose VCM as Your White Label and Private Label CBD Provider

VCM is proud to be a leading white label and private label CBD provider. From seed to sale, all of our hemp products go from the ground we nurture to the customers you nurture.

Our formulation experts will work closely with your brand to create one-of-a-kind hemp CBD products that your customers love. Contact us to learn more or view our catalog now. You can also follow us on social media and join our newsletter. We love to share product updates, industry news, and CBD business advice.

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