Hemp Gummies

Hemp gummies are all the rage these days, offering consumers an easy, flavorful way to consume precise doses of cannabinoids on the go. Today, we’ll discuss why retailers everywhere are stocking their shelves with our premium, customizable cannabinoid hemp gummies.

Why Our Hemp Gummies are so Popular

Companies and consumers alike love our hemp cannabinoid gummies. We offer multiple customizable options, including delicious flavors; customizable shapes; and vegan, organic recipes. What’s more, we can infuse our hemp gummies with your choice of standard or alternative cannabinoids, including Delta 8, Delta 10, hemp D9, THC-O, and HHC.

Our variable product offerings help ensure that brands can cater to their specific adult demographic while maintaining strict quality and consistency. Here are just a few reasons VCM CBD hemp gummies are so popular

Easy to consume: These bite-sized gummies come in both 10mg and 25mg options, making it easy to consume precise CBD doses quickly. Gummies make a great addition to any daily regimen.
Enjoyable flavors: Our cannabinoid-infused gummies are wonderfully tasty, featuring flavors like peach, lemon, mixed berry, grape, and watermelon. Choose from vegan, non-vegan, and organic vegan options.
Easily customizable: We offer numerous ways to customize hemp gummies to fit a brand’s image and message. With custom shapes, unique flavor options, and variable cannabinoid options, these gummies are sure to be a unique hit. Just choose your ingredient profile, dosing requirements, product design, and cannabinoid profile to get started.

Best Concentrates for Hemp Gummies

Formulating the best hemp gummy requires deep knowledge of various texture and flavor profiles. Fortunately, our formulation experts have perfected the process to create our custom CBD gummy options.

Notably, clients should determine which CBD concentrate type is best for making marketable gummies. Though there is no wrong option here, some solutions may be better than others in some instances. Here’s what you should know when choosing the best concentrates for hemp gummies


Full-spectrum CBD oil is a highly flavorful substance that contains a full array of hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. As such, the oil is usually quite intense, with a powerful hemp flavor. Notably, the oil is an abler color which could affect the gummy’s final appearance, while the pungent taste may overpower other flavor additives. Though this may be quite beneficial for the Entourage Effect, some consumers may prefer more subtle hemp flavors.


Broad-spectrum is like full-spectrum CBD minus any THC. Consequently, it’s an excellent selection for those who seek the beneficial Entourage Effect without risking THC consumption. Broad-spectrum is also more widely accepted in restrictive areas while still exhibiting intense flavors and hemp-like aromas. Notably, all hemp products must contain less than 0.3 percent and will not produce psychoactive side effects. Be that as it may, some people may be sensitive to THC, prohibited from consuming THC, or live in areas that prevent even minute THC sales.

CBD Isolate

As the name suggests, CBD isolate is simply CBD with all other elements removed. The potent substance has a mild flavor and pale white/yellow hue, making it ideal for creating flavorful gummy concoctions. Moreover, because there is absolutely no THC in CBD isolate, the product faces more limited restrictions.

Nano CBD

Nano CBD is a form of highly processed CBD isolate. After extracting and isolating the CBD compound, processors reduce it to a fine consistency to improve absorption. The final product has an improved bioavailability, increased potency, and extended shelf life due to its highly stabilized nature. Notably, nano CBD-infused gummies take effect quicker and last longer than traditional CBD concentrate types. Consequently, they are more efficient and affordable than other options.

Alternative Cannabinoids

Alternative cannabinoids refer to hemp-based cannabinoids that produce some degree of intoxication. Though they generally develop naturally in small amounts, most manufacturers create them in a laboratory out of CBD, thus making them federally legal despite their intoxicating potential. Notably, each alt cannabinoid produces slightly different effects, which you can learn more about here. You can also determine the legality of alt cannabinoids in your distribution areas here.

White Lable CBD Hemp Gummies

Regular CBD Gummies: Our regular gummies are an excellent way to consume CBD throughout the day. The non-drowsy formula may help promote focus, calm nervousness, ease pain, and induce relaxation. As such, it is a great choice for those who seek generalized relief.
CBD Sleep Gummies: Our sleep gummies combine the proposed therapeutic qualities of CBD with the soothing properties of melatonin to promote smooth relaxation and natural sleepiness. To be clear, melatonin is a natural hormone that the body produces to induce sleep. It has been a natural additive in many OTC sleep medications for decades.
Immune Support: These immune wellness gummies contain natural elderberry flavors to help support a healthy immune system. Elderberry is an antioxidant-rich fruit that may help reduce the duration and severity of illnesses like influenza, according to some studies.

Private Label CBD Gummy Manufacturing

VCM also offers private label CBD gummy manufacturing services to help brands bring their own unique visions to market. Vegan and unique cannabinoid profile options are also available, including top-shelf delta 8 gummies, D10 gummies, HHC gummies, and more.

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Buy Hemp Cannabinoid Gummies Wholesale from VCM CBD

VCM has perfected the hemp gummy game. Our fully customizable products are both flavorful and potent, promising quick approval from customers and clients alike.

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