Nano CBD is an extremely fine CBD powder, which mixes well into drinks, edibles, tinctures, and so on. The pure CBD is thoroughly processed into very tiny particles to help improve absorption and extend bioactivity. Those who consume nano CBD products claim to feel its effects faster and longer than traditional CBD products.

What is Nano CBD? How is Nano CBD Different?

CBD and other cannabinoids are crystalline in their purest form. As such, they cannot easily absorb into the bloodstream without a carrier agent like oil or alcohol. Even then, these relatively large CBD particles can take some time to absorb through the gut — often 30 to 60 minutes, in fact. Moreover, whatever the body doesn’t metabolize in that time it will expel. Importantly, the body can lose up to 40 percent CBD to metabolism.

However, by breaking up these cannabinoid particles down even further, they can absorb into the bloodstream quicker and remain active longer than the alternative. According to a research study conducted by Centrua Foods (Hastings  & Schmidt), nano CBD products can increase overall CBD uptake by 30 to 40 percent, thereby activating quicker and sustaining duration longer than other CBD types.

Essentially, manufacturers use ultrasonic equipment and nano-stabilizing gear to break CBD particles down to over one-millionth of their original size. They then coat these minute CBD particles with something like lecithin, which is a phospholipid commonly used in salad dressing to keep them from separating. Coating these nanoparticles also helps stabilize them, thereby increasing their shelflife by up to one year.

Is Nano CBD More Potent?

Photo Courtesy of Centuria Foods

CBD is hydrophobic, which means it does not absorb well in water. It is, however, lipophilic, meaning that it absorbs well into fats or lipids, which explains why tincture and edible manufacturers infuse cannabinoids into oils, butter, creams, etc. Unfortunately, fat and water don’t mix well — and our bloodstream is mostly water. Though some CBD will absorb into the bloodstream through lipid metabolism, much of it becomes stored or lost during the process.

However, nano CBD includes particles so small that they can absorb into water. As such, the CBD can absorb into the bloodstream and into cell walls much faster due to the increased surface area. More CBD permeates the bloodstream for faster onset and longer effects.

According to the study mentioned earlier, water-soluble CBD products are absorbed much quicker than both CBD isolate and CBD tincture. CBD plasma levels also reached higher levels in the mice that received nano CBD, and maintained those higher concentrations longer than other CBD types. Researchers concluded that their nano CBD emulsions resulted in blood plasma concentrations that were between 1.41 and 5.88 times higher than tinctures and isolated CBD

Final thoughts About Nano CBD

Cannabinoids develop inside of special lipid (fat) cells within the cannabis plant called trichomes. Processors extract cannabinoids to create products like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products. Next, they add these extracts to consumable goods like tinctures and gummies, making it easy for consumers to ingest accurate cannabinoid doses.

Though many consumers are pleased with these traditional CBD products, more and more shoppers are asking for nano CBD instead. Nano CBD products seem to work quickly and stay active longer than other product types, making them more affordable despite a somewhat higher initial cost.

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