Nano CBD gummies provide a simple solution to the ever-perplexing conundrum: how to predicably dose hemp edibles. Importantly, nano gummies absorb into the bloodstream quickly and thoroughly unlike traditional cannabinoid gummies that may require hours to take effect. They are also more bioavailable, resulting in more CBD in the blood and less loss to metabolism. Consequently, dosing and effects are much more predictable in nano CBD gummies, and the product consistency is much more stable.

Let’s explain.

A Closer Look at Nano

Nano means small – really small. So, nano CBD simply means really small CBD. Essentially, nano CBD is pure CBD that’s broken down into particles one-millionth their original size to improve its bioavailability or ability to absorb into the bloodstream. These tiny CBD particles are then coated in liposomes, or thin layers of fat, which helps the substance absorb into both water and oil. Liposomes also help stabilize the material for increased bioactivity and increased shelf life.

The process, called emulsification, is nothing new, of course. Food and pharmaceutical companies have been emulsifying products for a very long time. For example, food manufacturers often emulsify their products using egg yolk to stabilize oil and water mixtures like mayonnaise and salad dressings. Alternatively, pharmaceutical manufacturers use emulsion technology to improve the absorption and dosing accuracy of ointments or liquid medications.

Notably, nano CBD absorbs into the bloodstream quicker than traditional CBD molecules thanks to its increased surface area. According to a Centuria Foods survey, rats experienced peak blood plasma levels just 30 minutes after taking nano CBD products. This is an astounding improvement compared to the rats that consumed CBD oil or isolate, which averaged a two to four on-set time. What’s more, nano CBD blood concentrations remained higher than other CBD types, with levels up to 5.88 times higher after four hours than traditional CBD (Hastings  & Schmidt).

Accurate Dosing with Nano CBD Gummies

By increasing CBD’s bioavailability, scientists can determine more precise dosing strategies. For example, because nano CBD absorbs so quickly, it can largely bypass the metabolic process. Fewer cannabinoids burn up so more can become active in the body. This helps eliminate dosing variables like a person’s weight and gender, which further explains why emulsion technology is such a big deal for pharmaceutical companies.

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Photo courtesy of Hastings & Schmidt

Nano Gummy Flavors

As amazing as cannabinoids are, they are not very pleasing to the palate. In fact, cannabinoids like CBD are very bitter, and the nano process only further highlights that. Notably, it is the cannabinoid’s increased surface area that makes the flavor of nano CBD so powerful, prompting many people to infuse the product into other, more pleasantly flavored foods and beverages.

Fortunately, VCM offers nano CBD gummies in an array of flavors, all carefully formulated to mask the bitter cannabinoid flavor with more pleasant options like grape, peach, lemon, watermelon, and mixed berry.

Finding a Nano CBD Gummy Supplier

Nano CBD gummy suppliers are a relatively unique find. Nano has only recently entered the CBD hemp space, and few businesses have a reliable source of nano CBD products.

However, those who wish to stand out from the competition absolutely must find a reputable nano CBD supplier. Adding nano CBD gummies to a product line is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and in front of consumer search terms.

VCM is proud to introduce our line of premium nano CBD gummies, tinctures, and water-soluble powders. Our nano products have been rigorously tested to ensure top potency and performance. Contact us to learn more or view our complete product list now.


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