Nano CBD tincture is wildly popular thanks to its fast-acting effectiveness. Nano CBD tinctures deliver faster, longer-lasting results at lower doses than traditional CBD products, making them well worth the slightly higher price tag. But what exactly are nano tinctures? And are they really superior to other CBD products on the market? Let’s take a look.

What is Nano CBD?

As the name implies, nano CBD is nothing more than very small CBD particles. Essentially, processors use emulsion technology to break down CBD into particles one-millionth their original size. The process improves CBD’s bioavailability making it easier to absorb into the bloodstream. Moreover, nanotechnology increases CBD’s bioactivity, which means it remains active in the bloodstream longer, too. Hence, nano CBD is more potent than traditional CBD products.

The reason nano CBD tincture is more potent has to do with its increased surface area. By breaking down CBD into minute particles, processors increase its surface area and thus its ability to permeate the bloodstream. To illustrate, imagine one large ice cube next to a bowl of crushed ice. Though both will melt, the crushed ice will melt faster as it pools into the bowl. Likewise, small CBD particles act like crushed ice, penetrating the blood/brain barrier much quicker than the alternative.

Another reason nano CBD is more potent is because of a liposome substance that processors use to coat the particles after processing. Liposomes are tiny phospholipid molecules that coat the CBD particles to help stabilize them and absorb them into the bloodstream. To be clear, CBD is generally hydrophobic, which means it does not mix well with water-based substances. It is, however, lipophilic, meaning it does bind well with fats and oils. Interestingly, liposomes mix well with both, so adding them to CBD particles helps CBD absorb well into both water and fat-based substances. Given that blood is mostly water, boosting CBD’s ability to absorb into water will naturally boost its effectiveness, as well.

About Nano CBD Tincture

Nano CBD tinctures are a favorite among many consumers. The tinctures are cloudier than traditional CBD tinctures with four times the CBD potency. Notably, the increased surface area of nano products tends to enunciate the flavor of the CBD itself (not the liposomes that coat it), which may give the product a more bitter flavor compared to other tincture products. However, this bitter flavor is easily masked with supplemental flavors, such as mint or other natural flavors.

Buy Nano CBD Tincture Wholesale

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