Hemp Oral Strips

Oral Strips – Cannabinoid oral strips are one of many recent innovations in the cannabis/hemp space. These great-tasting, fast-absorbing hemp sublingual strips include select cannabinoids that trigger the EC System via sublingual absorption. Consumers absolutely love this smokeless alternative and will surely flock to your store to purchase them.

What are Hemp Oral Strips?

Much like breath strips, cannabinoid-infused oral strips dissolve quickly in the mouth for a fast-acting effect. However, these sublingual strips also contain cannabinoids, which dissolve in the mouth to trigger a dense collection of CB receptors within the oral mucosa.

Importantly, sublingual absorption increases a product’s bioavailability, which makes edible cannabinoid strips incredibly potent. Essentially, these edible CBD strips bypass the metabolic process so more cannabinoids can absorb rather than burn up and expel through the digestive tract. Consumers get more bang for their buck and relief within as little as two minutes.

Why Consumers Love CBD Sublingual Strips

There has been a massive up-tick in sublingual interest, particularly in Canada as the country moves to reduce inhalable consumption. In fact, Canada’s sublingual market grew by an astonishing 1927% in 2021 alone. There are many reasons to credit for this trend, the following are just a few.


Hemp sublingual strips absorb sublingually, which makes them up to 10 times more potent than other oral consumption routes according to this study. In other words, consumers can absorb significantly higher cannabinoid concentrations using sublingual strips than they would if they consumed the same dose another way.

Fast Acting

There’s no need to wait for 30 plus minutes for oral cannabinoid absorption when consuming them through cannabinoid oral strips! These hemp-infused sublingual strips quickly trigger the EC System for quick relief.


Sublingual strips come in portable packaging, making them easy to consume on the go. What’s more, oral strip design helps hold cannabinoids in place as they absorb, meaning more CBD will enter the bloodstream through the mouth instead of the stomach.


CBD sublingual strips allow consumers to ingest cannabinoids quickly and discreetly with a simple slip of the hand. Many shoppers prefer this low-key consumption method which provides quick relief without any attention.


VCM’s white-label CBD oral strips come in three wonderful flavors, including calming mint, uplifting citrus, and sweet strawberry D8. Notably, these delicious flavors can also help stimulate saliva production to improve oral cannabinoid absorption.

Buy Cannabinoid-Infused Sublingual Strips from VCM

VCM is excited to introduce our all-new line of cannabinoid-infused sublingual strips. These delicious strips can help calm the mind, energize the spirit, or produce mild sensations of relaxing euphoria.

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