Pharmaceutical-Grade Flowable CBD Powder represents the latest in cannabinoid processing technology. PGF CBD products offer extremely targeted relief thanks to their highly customizable design and superior bioavailability. Notably, the technology used to create PGF CBD products allows processors to measure and mix the exact components they seek their CBD dry capsules. The resulting products are more accurate, consistent, and bioactive than traditional CBD products, with a broader scope of benefits, as well.

What is Pharmaceutical Grade Flowable CBD Powder?

Pharmaceutical Grade Flowable CBD Powder (a.k.a. PGF CBD Powder) is perhaps the most innovative cannabinoid processing technology of our time. The tech allows processors to turn any plant-based extract into a consistent, easily measurable powder. Processors then use the powder, in combination with other botanical PDF powders, to create uniquely blended and precisely dosed supplement-style tablets and dry capsules.

The technology reduces any extract into powder form, including all elements within the extract. For example, processors may use CBD crude oil to capture a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids within the powder. Alternatively, they could also process cannabinoid isolate to create a cannabinoid-only powder. Once in powder form, processors can mix and match other PGF powders to develop unique, highly targeted formulations.

Why Your Customers Will Love PGF CBD

PGF CBD products will give you an edge on the competition. These unique products are not available everywhere, which alone makes them a desirable commodity. However, it is the true effectiveness of PGF CBD products that will entice return shoppers – and prompt them to share their experience with their peers, too!

Indeed, your customers will love the targeted relief these CBD-based supplement-style dry capsules provide. Moreover, they will marvel at the effectiveness of their specially formulated design.

Order PGF CBD Powder for Your CBD Store

VCM offers an array of PGF CBD dry capsules. We’ve carefully formulated each product to deliver the best results for its intended use. Please allow about four to six weeks to process your minimum 500 bottle order.  Contact us to learn more or join our newsletter for news and product updates.