Softgels & Capsules

CBD-infused soft gels and capsules are a convenient way to add cannabinoids to a daily routine. When ingested, cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors within the body to help protect it from stress and damage. This may help explain why CBD products have such far-reaching potential, and why hemp-based soft gels and capsules are so popular.

Soft Gels Vs. Capsules

Soft gels and capsules are very similar. Essentially, they both offer a convenient way to ingest precisely measured substances and supplements. In fact, the only difference between soft gels and capsules is the contents within the gelatin or plant-based shell. Specifically, soft gels hold liquid-based substances within their soft gelatin casing. On the other hand, capsules contain dry powder within their hard vegetable-based shell.

Notably, both dry capsules and soft gels can deliver predictable, dose-specific results, some consumers prefer one over the other. For example, some may prefer the soft, easy-to-swallow nature of the soft gel whereas others may prefer the convenience of long-lasting, leak-proof dry caps.

Why People Love CBD Soft Gels and Hemp Capsules

Current CBD research suggests that the cannabinoid may have excellent wellness potential. However, the FDA has yet to verify this outside of one CBD-based epilepsy medication called Epidiolex. However, both research and anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD’s therapeutic potential goes well beyond calming seizures, and the public wants a part of it. As such, interest in CBD products continues to grow, with many people favoring hemp-based soft gels and dry capsules as their preferred consumption method.

Aside from enjoying the potential benefits of CBD, the following are the most common reasons people love CBD soft gels and dry caps.


Consumers love the convenience of hemp-based dry caps and soft gels, which makes it easy to add cannabinoids to any daily routine.

What’s more, metabolized cannabinoid products remain active in the bloodstream for upwards of four hours or more. That means that consumers can take fewer capsules throughout the day without compromising relief.

Neutral Flavors

Dry caps and soft gels go down easy with a glass of water, so consumers will never experience unwanted flavors when they ingest them. This feature is especially important for those with a sensitive palate.

Predictable Results

Capsules enclose precisely measured components so consumers will always ingest the exact same ingredients in the exact same quantities every time. Consequently, consumers will always receive predictable results from their CBD soft gels and hemp-based dry caps.

Many Cannabinoid Types Available

Cannabinoid capsules are not limited to CBD! In fact, there are many exciting cannabinoid types available in capsule form, including CBDa, CBG, and CBGa.

Highly Targeted Relief

CBD and other cannabinoids are amazing. However, they aren’t the only beneficial botanicals included in our CBD soft gels and dry caps. In fact, many of our products include an array of complementary elements. We’ve specially selected each component to improve absorption and help deliver highly targeted relief.

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