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CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are a great way to help relieve localized pain and improve certain skin conditions. Experts believe that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are what makes topical CBD so effective. However, there are many proposed benefits to topical CBD – and many exciting ways to try it.

Why Use CBD Topicals

CBD topicals stimulate the Endocannabinoid System via receptors in the skin. Notably, topical cannabinoids do not usually absorb into the bloodstream, but they do absorb into local cannabinoid receptors deep within the skin’s surface. In doing, topical CBD products may help reduce pain and inflammation, improve skin elasticity, and fight off bacterial and fungal infections. Many people also use CBD topicals to help reduce the severity of migraines, menstrual pain, hand and foot pain, and other topical discomforts.

Types of CBD Topicals

CBD can be infused into just about any topical product on the market. Notably, VCM provides numerous CBD topical types, many of which are customizable with your choice of scents, botanicals, and CBD type. Below are our most popular wholesale CBD topicals; download our catalog for a complete updated list.

Lotions, Creams, and Oils

Most people request lotions, creams, and oils when sourcing a topical CBD supplier. These CBD topical types help moisturize the skin while providing the anti-inflammatory benefits associated with CBD. Manufacturers often infuse additional botanicals into these CBD topical types to enhance their skin-soothing properties and provide a unique, branded twist. VCM’s most popular lotions, creams, and oils include our Cooling Lotion, and Body Cream.


Salves are very similar to lotions and creams; the primary distinction is their consistency. To be clear, salves are usually very thick because they contain much less water. This may benefit those who need concentrated relief in targeted areas, as they may absorb deeper into more focused skin areas. Our salves also include cocoa butter which not only protects the skin but smells great, too! Also, try our muscle balm!

Roll-On CBD Topicals

Roll-on topicals are exceptionally easy to apply with no oily residue and no messy bottle. They are great for targeted relief and may help ease both stress and headaches when applied to the temple. Notably, we are happy to customize your CBD roll-on order with your choice of CBD type.

Facial Oils and Serums

CBD is a major player in the beauty industry. Importantly, research shows that CBD may reduce acne, minimize redness, and promote skin elasticity to help reduce the signs of aging.

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal CBD patches allow for a slow, consistent release of CBD through the skin. Notably, transdermal absorption is ideal for those who need extended relief in specific areas such as strained muscles. The patches are generally very easy to apply – simply peel the backing off of the patch and place it directly on the skin for up to 24-48 hours. VCM also offers transdermal CBD kinesiology tape that combines 25mg of hemp CBD and 9% menthol in every strip. Please note packaging restrictions to minimize menthol evaporation.

Buy White Label CBD Topicals From VCM

There are many ways to expand your product line with topical CBD. For example, VCM offers numerous unique CBD topicals, including lotions, roll-ons, anti-aging serums, massage oils, muscle balms, and more. Consult our formulation experts to customize most of our white-label CBD topicals, slap your own branding on it, and sell your masterpiece to the masses.

Contact us to get started or download our complete catalog today!