Water Soluble Sachets

Water soluble sachets are speciality CBD hemp products designed for optimal bioavailability and increased potency. The powdery substance mixes easily into liquid, making it great for DIY infused beverages. Notably, water soluble CBD dissolves more thoroughly into the bloodstream compared to other CBD products, making it up to four times more potent than the alternative.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD is emulsified CBD powder, more commonly called Nano CBD. Not surprisingly, nano CBD is basically just tiny CBD particles that can absorb easily due to the increased surface area. Notably, nano CBD particles are also covered in a lipid coating to extend the substance’s shelf life and keep it from clumping back together. What’s more, this fatty coating also helps usher the aquaphobic compound into water-based cells, which improves its bioavailability even further.

Though many manufacturers refer to nano CBD as “water soluble CBD,” it actually doesn’t dissolve in water at all. Instead, it mixes into fluid where it remains suspended indefinitely. Once consumed, the suspended nano particles have plenty of time to absorb into the bloodstream, unlike other CBD product types that could burn up to 60 percent of their cannabinoid content off during metabolism.

Notably, the lipid coating and increased CBD surface area can cause this product to have a somewhat bitter flavor. As such, it is often best to consume water soluble CBD products in flavored beverages. In fact, most flavored drinks hide the bitter flavor of the nano particles quite nicely.

Why is Water Soluble so Popular?

Consumers love cannabinoid-infused beverages thanks to their convenience, potency, effectiveness, and onset speed. In fact, according to Transparency Market Research, the nano emulsions market could experience a 9.3 percent CAGR for a total value of $5.96B by 2025 in the US alone. Nano emulsions are especially popular in the personal care industry, which includes hemp-based products like water soluble CBD.

Notably, nano CBD products work well alongside electrolyte drinks because they both likely improve nutrient absorption. Essentially, electrolytes help maintain hydration and CBD may help reduce gastrointestinal inflammation that could prevent nutrient absorption. Consequently, one of the most nutritionally beneficial ways to consume CBD is by adding water soluble nano CBD to mineral drinks and mineral drink mixes. However, nano CBD also works well as a food additive because it doesn’t clump or settle during baking.

Buy Water Soluble CBD from VCM

VCM’s water soluble CBD sachets are one of our best-selling products. These sachets include a careful blend of nano CBD powder and other beneficial elements. Together, these components can help calm the mind or promote a good night’s sleep. We offer low minimum order quantities with discounts on bulk orders and can reliably deliver your wholesale nano CBD order within just four to six weeks after you place your order.

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